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1.  0393  Andragoški center Republike Slovenije  Ljubljana  5523192000  1.556 
The background of project is the lack of lifelong learning programmes in slovene language for slovene speakers in the context of the italian region Friuli Venezia Giulia. The objective of the applicant, the social cooperative Centro cooperativo di attivita sociali, is to set up a transnational lifelong guidance service togheter with a catalogue of lifelong learning programme for slovenian speakers in cooperation with slovene providers of adult education services to be delivered both in Italy or in Slovenia. We plan to organise two activities framed within a European Development Plan of our organisation: staff training in the form of training event and job observation for one week each at receiving organisations Employment Service of Slovenia (ESS) and research and development organisation Slovenian Institute for Adult Education (SIAE). In the scope of developing the guidance activity in adult education the aim of the activity at SIAE is development work, training and counselling to support the operation of adult education guidance centre to be established. Attention will be paid on older volunteers as added value to counselling in adult education such as a kind of intergenerational cooperation in lifelog learning activities. The aim of the training event at ESS is to offer expert help for guidance practitioners in employment and education sector in the scope of developing new lifelong career orientation services and their implementation. The number of participants is two for one flow and three for the another. Their profile is chief of the development department with wide experience of the project area and three coordinators/tutors in adult education. The types of monitoring and evaluation which will be used in order to best assess the identified learners outcomes are "early bird" feedback questionnaires at the beginning of a course, end-of-course evaluation quationnaires and individual reports from course tutors. The outcome of the trening activities at ESS and SIAE will contribute to the internationalisation of the human capital, modernisation and organisational development of the sending organisations over time, the design of new services. The impact envisaged is more information about innovative approaches to adult education and opportunities of employment in a new transnational dimension. The potential long term benefit can be increasing the level of participation in lifelong learning activities of overall (25-64 years old) adults, like Slovenia which is yet very close to the benchmark of 15%, agreed under the open method of coordination in the field of Education and Training ("ET 2020") and to be reached by 2020.
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