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Erasmus+ (learners and staff mobility)

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1.  0393  Andragoški center Republike Slovenije  Ljubljana  5523192000  1.475 
Overview 1. Activities and developments 2. Need for accompanying persons 3. Implementation of Internationalisation Strategy Activities and developments This project involves two types of activities (learners and staff mobility), which both aim to strengthen the international competencies among staff and learners. The activities are to a great extent either a continuation of former or current projects and this is with a view to give a chance for more colleagues to benefit from the first moves that the staff mobilities created for us in previous one year plus. At the same time, we are requesting two additions, which happen on a background of 1) already knowing the partners very well from a KA2 and Interreg collaboration and wishing to consolidate results by staff learning exchanges. And 2) to step-up the support for our students to make shorter stays to explore possible new opportunities for finding traineeships with companies across the German Border. Plans of mobilities as per description in the Charter application: First year (2016) Learners planned: 35 - realised: 37 First year (2016) Staff planned: 20 -realised: 18 (1) Second year (2017) Learners planned: 20 (2) Second year (2017) Staff planned: 11 and 2018: 16 (3) 1) The 18 staff mobilities include accompanying teachers. Remaining will take place during in 2017. It is worth remarking that the first administrative staff will be among these. 2) For learners, the mobility programme for 2017 will contain that of Tietgen Business only. The turn has come to the gymnasium to have a new reform to fall into place and it has not been possible to involve a mobility trip in this year´s study schedule. It is expected that new learners´ mobility trip can be tested and approved for autumn of 2018. 3) We continue to follow a more restrictive number till staff have had a chance to be more familiar with the new reforms. We recently shared this with our existing partners, and we received a very positive feedback; “At Tietgen we are very pleased and thankful for the spirit in which the collaboration around the exchanges has taken place. Partnerships for collaboration in education (PACE) This will be the heading of our 2017 application and in which we are stating that our aim is to continue and consolidate the results Tietgen has experienced, in particular: - Staff members returning with a lot of excitement “in their luggage”. They have been transferring this into a highly motivated and focused approach of including concrete international case material or advocating for getting a first hand international experience to their colleagues and students. - Tietgen is keen to further develop such effects and shall be seeking to make our motilities go closely hand in hand with the needs and objectives for the various study programmes e.g.: o Students’ search for internship/international practical training and trainee/apprentice contracts; o Teachers’ search for best practices in learning styles, learning facilitation, guidance activities etc. o Staff’ search for broader understanding of practices around systems in education across countries incl. solutions to the ever-chancing profiles of special needs. o As digitalization impact every field of business, our specific business related educational aims and practises cannot be excluded from this development. Knowledge and inspiration to/from the international community is vital for us also in this field.” Need for accompanying persons for student groups during their stay overseas. The goal of the project in collaboration with London is that the students gain competencies of languages, c
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