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European InfoNet Adult Education III

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Disseminating information and reporting on trends, project/research results, developments, best practice and news in the area of adult education from all European member states as well as EU institutions is the core activity and objective of the unique journalistic service “European InfoNet Adult Education”. This service has been developed as media network since 2005 (InfoNet I and II) and independent journalistic reporter, which now aims to maintain and extent this exchange and network. Around 40 correspondents from all over Europe, working in the field of adult education, create reports about various topics for InfoNet in accordance with high quality criteria, which can also be republished in other media. The product of their work is freely available via an online database in English ( Furthermore, InfoNet distributes a digital newsletter (InfoLetter), focusing on one main theme. Each InfoLetter reaches about 7500 readers, while the interest is increasing. InfoNet III will maintain this successful service and make further improvements based on the experiences. It covers now almost every European countries by partnership (29) and some freelance partners . Also innovative elements like a new quality management system, Web 2.0 elements and cross area, -country and reports about developments outside Europe will be included . 35 partners , which are primarily editors of journals, magazines in the field of AE, European networks and national umbrella organisations, are responsible for the development of this network. InfoNet will pick up relevant European topics which are crucial for the knowledge about and development of adult education in Europe and thus relevant for the social cohesion and welfare in Europe. Particulaly InfoNetIII reports in accordance with the priorities of the Grundtvig call, the EU years,etc.
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