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Revitalising Historic Buildings through Public-Private Partnership Schemes

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The lack of financial resources of most of the governments remains one of the main burning problems in the protection and maintenance of cultural heritage. This issue is of particular importance to Central Europe region, where the turbulent history and the geopolitical reconfiguration resulted in a large number of neglected or abandoned historic buildings, which till today are suffering from steady decay. These buildings are often connected to degraded areas with economic and social problems, which require immediate intervention. RESTAURA is aiming at identifying, testing, evaluating and promoting good practice on Public-Private Partnership in revitalisation of historical cities and buildings. PPP allows to combine the assets and skills of the public and private sector, while protecting heritage resources at the same time. With limited public resources (national and EU funds), the involvement of private financing and expertise through PPP is the only alternative to save and manage the unique built heritage of Central Europe. Till now, there are only a few examples of PPP in revitalisation projects in Europe, here RESTAURA is willing to give a real change in the use of PPP across Central Europe (innovation). The outputs of the project will be strategies and action plans, tools, pilot actions and workshops for public authorities willing to renovate and bring a new life to abandoned and deteriorated historic buildings with the use of PPP models. RESTAURA brings together 4 CE countries: Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia. In each of these countries a mix of public and private institutions participate (local authorities, research and education institutions, PPP associations and NGOs, development agencies) to jointly develop and implement project's outputs in a topic, that is still very new to EU Member States from Central Europe, and transnational exchange of experience is needed.
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