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Towards a new generation of EU peer-to-peer Energy Communities facilitated by a gamified platform and empowered by user-centred energy trading mechanisms and business models.

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The main aim of NRG2peers is to support the uptake of a next generation of European peer-to-peer Energy Communities. NRG2peers sets up a gamified platform in three levels, supporting residential energy communities to increase energy efficiency and to integrate a higher share of renewable energy. The NRG2peers platform aims to support the uptake and multiplication of attractive, financially, legally and technically viable, user-centred residential energy communities in three concrete ways:Level 1: Collecting experiences from operative peer-to-peer energy communities, whose assessment schemes are already compliant with national and EU legislations, in a way to deliver Readiness Level Framework Indicators (Organisational, Institutional, Market, Technological, Social) which helps to assess a communities’ readiness to become a peer-to-peer, peer-to-community and peer-to-market (P2P, P2C, P2M) energy community, to incite investments from the public and private sector at the local level, and to support decision making and policy at the MS and EU level to ensure a prosumer-friendly environment;Level 2: Providing smart demand-response mechanisms to optimize energy consumption and peak demand at the community level. The NRG2peers platform will adopt peer-to-peer privacy-aware learning mechanisms to ensure energy optimisation whereby three main aims are 1) Financial savings for the residential customers at community level 2) CO2 and environmental savings at the community level, and 3) Local self-reliance in terms of energy;Level 3: Adopting community-based nudging mechanisms for peer-to-peer transaction of renewable energy and motivating the maximal implementation and consumption of (local) RES production and consumption. By combining 3 levels with gamified features supporting peer-to-peer behavioural-based incentives, the NRG2peers platform targets for global energy and CO2 emission savings at the community level, and investment triggered in sustainable energy in EU.
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