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the Retrofitting Market Activation Platform based on the generation of standard modules for energy efficiency and clean energy solutions

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re-MODULEES aims at the creation of an EU-wide “umbrella” framework for EE in existing residential buildings based on the generation of standard modules for the retrofit market activation and up-take. Modularity is to be intended as multi-level: it regards the “breakdown” of the overall retrofit process into standardized segments; and multi-target: it regards their customization according to regional climatic, building, socio-economic and market conditions, in order to shape more effective tools and approaches through which to maximise cost-optimality, positive spillovers and impact. This framework is based on clustering of efforts and evidences, and would allow shaping cross-regional policies, and generating wider homogeneous, integrated and facilitated retrofitting market areas. For this reason, re-MODULEES aims to be a strategic capitalization project which, by leveraging on the wide background of several H2020 projects (as well as from other EU programs), will join and combine knowledge, approaches and tools already available within its clear modular framework, so to optimize their uptake on local markets.
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