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Energy efficiency Building Enhancement through performance guarantee Tools

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1.  0510  Univerza v Ljubljani  Ljubljana  5085063  251 
2.  2716  Inovacijsko - razvojni inštitut Univerze v Ljubljani  Ljubljana  2341913000  649 
EBENTO is aiming to develop an integrated platform for all actors involved in building and renovation sector to provide one-stop-shop to better coordinate and manage Energy Performance Contracting, bringing together the needs from all actors involved in enhancing the building stock.Through EBENTO, citizens will increase their implication in building energy efficiency enhancement, and both public institutions and energy communities will be able to identify potential energy efficiency improvements in residential housing stock, with SMEs and ESCOs support. Furthermore, with EBENTO platform, new business models for optimizing the financial (and, indirectly, other) resources available will be validated:•EBENTO will explore the best financing and collaboration schemes to set up energy services.•EBENTO will study how to enhance current Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) for Demand Side Mechanism (DSM) services and what kind of investment options (grants, loans…) can be implemented to increase the number and impact of energy efficiency projects in the city/region•By using digital tools, EBENTO will gather data from EPCs, financial schemes and energy savings to give to the citizens the required trust for investing in new solutions, and to companies the relevant information to reduce costs and easily replicate the work developed.EBENTO will ensure the exchange of relevant information between the different actors, making the renovation process cost-efficient and easy to operate and replicate. The platform will collect data related to performance contracts and guarantees, devices monitoring, energy savings, building information modelling, users’ opinions and comfort levels, among others.
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