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Mapping of research in european social sciences and humanities

Raziskovalci (1)
št. Evidenčna št. Ime in priimek Razisk. področje Vloga Obdobje Štev. publikacij
1.  05263  dr. Pavel Zgaga  Filozofija  Vodja  2003 - 2005  970 
Organizacije (1)
št. Evidenčna št. Razisk. organizacija Kraj Matična številka Štev. publikacij
1.  0588  Univerza v Ljubljani, Pedagoška fakulteta  Ljubljana  1627082  31.062 
MORESS aims to support the development of the European Research Area through improving information on pan-European research in social sciences and humanities. The extensive geographical coverage available to the European University Association through its individual and collective members (higher education institutions and rectors conferences ) will be exploited to catalogue and build links between existing national information sources, and to expand the information base on a restricted number of themes. Two objectives will guide the project : (1) to improve the accessibility and use of information sources across Europe through developing innovative means of linking nationally available data sources, and (2) to expand the information base in a small number of pluridisciplinary areas in response to specific public policy challenges. MORESS thus has the objective of making a significant contribution to promoting European social science research.
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