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Peri-urban Land Use Relationships - Strategies and Sustainability Assessment Tools for urban-rural linkages

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1.  10024  dr. Marina Pintar  Rastlinska produkcija in predelava  Vodja projekta  2007 - 2011  810 
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1.  0481  Univerza v Ljubljani, Biotehniška fakulteta  Ljubljana  1626914  64.121 
PLUREL will develop new outward looking strategies for sustainable urban, peri-urban and rural land use relationships. New planning and forecasting tools will support the analysis of urbanisation trends in a range of different economic, social and environmental contexts. The aims are to identify optimal strategies to support these interactions on a mutually beneficial basis, minimise their negative impacts, and improve the quality of life of the urban population.The analysis will consider the impact of forecasted and scenarios based demographic changes and migration patterns and examine social, economic and ecological relations, linkages and impacts. A key focus will be the innovative integration of both quantitative and qualitative aspects of the inter actions between expanding urban areas, and the peri-urban and rural land uses. The strategies and tools will be validated against representative case studies, be robust and usable by policy-makers and provide the greater operational understanding essential for planning and optimising these complex interactions between cities and their peri-urban and rural areas to improve both the physical living environment and the overall quality of life of their citizens.The benefits and costs of different strategies for urban development will be evaluated and this will enable key stakeholders to take better-informed decisions. Stakeholder involvement throughout the research process and the case studies will, as well as training courses, contribute to the practical adoption and dissemination of the research products. PLUREL will produce new and improved integrated planning and assessment tools including problem-oriented handbooks, land use impact response functions and software, and GEO-compatible databases. These new decision-support tools will help policy makers at the EU, national, regional and local levels with the ex-ante assessment of the impacts of their policy options in physical, economic and social terms.
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