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Religions and values: Central and Eastern European research network

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št. Evidenčna št. Ime in priimek Razisk. področje Vloga Obdobje Štev. publikacijŠtev. publikacij
1.  12222  dr. Vinko Potočnik  Sociologija  Vodja  2007 - 2009  427 
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št. Evidenčna št. Razisk. organizacija Kraj Matična številka Štev. publikacijŠtev. publikacij
1.  0170  Univerza v Ljubljani, Teološka fakulteta  Ljubljana  1627112  12.122 
The aim of the REVACERN CA is to provide a framework for a multidisciplinary research on the future of relations between institutions, culture and politics in the field of values and religions in Central and Eastern Europe.The network links the most relevant institutions in the region and builds upon their former research resources. The research topics are: Mutual interaction between the roles of values in religious institutions and the society, Intersection of changing value system, Media and religion, National identity in multiethnic European sub-regions, The cohesion of the EU-enlargement versus nationalism, fundamentalism.The network aims at a comparative perspective of legal, political, cultural aspects of religious institutions, their role in the society. The network examines the challenges posed to educational, political and legal systems, and by mapping and restructuring the knowledge, its objective is to find better ways to handle conflicts and to propose new strategies for dialogue to the EU, national policy makers and civil society institutions.
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