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European Research Network on Excellence in Processing Open Cultural Heritage

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1.  0618  Znanstvenoraziskovalni center Slovenske akademije znanosti in umetnosti  Ljubljana   5105498000  58.590 
EPOCH will combine expertise and resources of technologists, heritage administrators, heritage professionals and communication experts concerned with the effective and sustainable application of digital technology to archaeological research and cultural heritage presentation at museums, monuments, and historic sites.The network will promote the integration of research efforts in five vital subfields:- Field Recording and Data Capture- Data Organisation, Provenance and Standards- Reconstruction and Visualisation- Heritage Education and Communication- Planning for sustainability of heritage projects.EPOCH involves a large consortium of leading European institutions and will promote interdisciplinary integration by initiating and supporting a wide range of activities to the benefit of network members and the wider community, including:1) Undertaking integrating activities to create an integrated information base on the current and potential use of ICT in cultural heritage, the obstacles to progress in terms of both the technical research terms and the understanding of the socio-economic and business issues and to enhance use of existing resources.2) Performing research to complete the toolkit for creating cultural heritage applications and create an integrated infrastructure3) Spreading Excellence through on-line services and resources, dissemination activities, education, training and staff mobility.
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