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International KARSTological school "Sustainable MAnagement of natural Resources on karsT

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1.  0618  Znanstvenoraziskovalni center Slovenske akademije znanosti in umetnosti  Ljubljana   5105498000  58.577 
Karst is a landscape on water-soluble rocks, which cover around 35 % of Europe. It provides unique habitat to rare animals. About 25 % of the world's population drinks water from karst aquifers, and karst is also rich in other natural resources. Karst phen omena are an attraction for tourists. Therefore karst is also of a great economic significance. But due to specific characteristics it is very vulnerable and any human activity might be a potential threat to it. For its conservation and sensible planning o f life in it Europe needs experts with comprehensive knowledge on karst and karst processes. Karstology as a multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary science covers a very wide field of interests, which are usually on universities not integrated in a unified st udy programme and most researchers stay specialised within their particular topic. Additional training, especially of younger researchers is therefore necessary in order to strengthen the European leadership in karst research. The main objective of the pro posed events is to bring together researchers of karst from different basic scientific disciplines as well as managers and public officials, and especially to facilitate and advance the transfer of knowledge from experienced to early-stage researchers. A c omprehensive review on the important topics of the thematic area Sustainable development, global change and ecosystems will be given by renowned experts through keynote lectures and field work, with the emphasis on the combination of theoretical principles and practical applications. Young researchers will also have the opportunity to present and discuss the results of their research work. Created new bonds between researchers will be a good foundation for further co-operation on European and also world lev el. Slovenia as a host country is the area of classical karst. KRI as a proposer has a long tradition in multidisciplinary karstological research and experiences in organising scientific meetings and courses.
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