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Modernization and harmonization of Tourism study programs in Serbia

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1.  10113  dr Miljan M. Leković  Ekonomija, ekonometrija, ekonomska teorija, ekonomski sistemi, ekonomska politika  Istraživač  2013 - 2016  40 
Enhancement of competitiveness of Serbian Tourism can be achieved through modernization of study programs, enhancing the student and staff competences and teaching resources and through strengthening cooperation with stakeholder and professional networks.The starting point in achieving these objectives is analysis of tourism market needs. Developing the new study programs or improving the existing ones will be performed in compliance with the obtained results of the analysis and best EU practice in tourism education field. Undergraduate tourism studies should be accredited at each partner higher education institution (HEI) in Serbia by the end of the second year of the project, and the first generation of students should be enrolled in the third year of the project (pilot program). Also, at least two postgraduate study programs should be developed and accredited at the partner HEIs from Serbia.EU partners should help in harmonization of curricula, and, together with Serbian experts in the field, in conducting training courses for teachers and associates from partner HEIs from Serbia related to efficient teaching delivery. These training courses, in synergy with laboratory and education equipment that is to be acquired, should result in enhancement of staff competences, and consequently, student competences.Establishing the professional cooperation network have substantial role in the project. Constant interactive communication among project participants and stakeholders, realization of work based learning and business and industrial placement experience, as well as participation of stakeholders in educational process will be of great importance. Finally, the HEIs from Serbia will provide training courses for tourism employees, as the need arises. This cooperation will enable monitoring of the tourism market needs, as the one of the most important inputs to the process of permanent curricula improvement, and in enhanced competences of tourism employees, too.
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