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Counselling Centre for Children, Adolescents and Parents

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Code Science Field Subfield
5.09.00  Social sciences  Psychology   
5.01.04  Social sciences  Educational studies  Orthopedagogy 
5.01.01  Social sciences  Educational studies  Pedagogy 
5.07.00  Social sciences  Criminology and social work   
3.09.00  Medical sciences  Psychiatry   
7.00.00  Interdisciplinary research     

Code Science Field
S260  Social sciences  Psychology 
B650  Biomedical sciences  Psychiatry, clinical psychology, psychosomatics 
S286  Social sciences  Orthopedagogy 
S270  Social sciences  Pedagogy and didactics 
S216  Social sciences  Care and help to handicapped 

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WoS 11  11  11 
Scopus 22  21  4.2 
Research groups (1)
no. Code Name of group Responsible person No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1. 0175-001  Protection and promotion of mental health and learning competence ...  PhD Mateja Hudoklin   411 
Researchers (10)
no. Code Name and surname Research area Status No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1. 52459  PhD Bojana Caf  Educational studies  Researcher  60 
2. 57249  Polonca Čas  Psychology  Researcher 
3. 26187  PhD Tanja Černe  Educational studies  Researcher  97 
4. 57252  Tina Djekić  Psychology  Researcher 
5. 37155  PhD Bernarda Dobnik Renko  Psychology  Researcher  39 
6. 29155  PhD Mateja Hudoklin  Psychology  Researcher  83 
7. 26189  PhD Peter Janjušević  Psychology  Researcher  100 
8. 57253  Jana Jarm  Psychology  Researcher 
9. 52458  PhD Marko Kalan  Educational studies  Researcher  40 
10. 57254  Katja Stres Kaučič  Psychology  Researcher 
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The Counselling Centre for Children, Adolescents and Parents is an institution for protection of mental health in children and adolescents, which offers professional help to individuals with psycho-social, learning, developmental and other related problems; contributes, with its professional knowledge and experience, to improvement of psycho-social quality of life in institutions and organizations for children and adolescents and contributes, at the level of a broader community, to improvement of psycho-social conditions of life and development of children and adolescents. The main areas of the Centre’s activities are: out-patient clinical work, mental health promoting and preventive community work, educational work, research and development. This model, that combines different activities of child mental health protection into a holistic and intersectorial (health, education and social welfare) approach linking professional services, volunteers’ activities and non-governmental organizations, has been developed during the past twenty years. In the year 1995 the Counselling Centre for Children, Adolescents and Parents in Ljubljana was designated as WHO Collaborating Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health. The main international activity of the WHO Collaborating Center is the elaboration and presentation of the models and experiences of the Counselling Centre. During its 4 years lasting activities it proved to be an efficient catalyst of principles and guidelines of the WHO strategy Health for All. It acted as well as a "child mental health conscience" drawing the public attention and the attention of decision makers on psychosocial adversities threatening the development and mental health of children of risk groups and children in general.
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