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Risk based approaches for Asset inteGrity multimodal Transport Infrastructure ManagEment

Risks assessment, modelling and impact reduction, Advanced Asset Integrity Management, Multimodal Transport Infrastructure, Resilience, Planning software platform, Multiscale Information Model, Interoperability
Researchers (9)
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1.  51459  Jelka Helena Cronin  Civil engineering  Researcher  2016 - 2019 
2.  11897  PhD Karmen Fifer Bizjak  Civil engineering  Researcher  2016 - 2019  292 
3.  24200  MSc Darko Kokot  Civil engineering  Researcher  2016 - 2019  141 
4.  02667  Bojan Leben  Civil engineering  Technical associate  2016 - 2019  94 
5.  21593  PhD Stanislav Lenart  Civil engineering  Head  2016 - 2019  227 
6.  34765  MSc Bine Pengal  Civil engineering  Technical associate  2016 - 2019  15 
7.  04137  PhD Borut Petkovšek  Civil engineering  Researcher  2016 - 2019  203 
8.  13700  MSc Mojca Ravnikar Turk  Civil engineering  Researcher  2016 - 2019  210 
9.  28775  PhD Rok Vezočnik  Geodesy  Researcher  2016 - 2019  87 
Organisations (1)
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1.  1502  Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute  Ljubljana  5866324000  10,348 
An efficient asset management process is needed to ensure cost-effectiveness, in planning, delivery, operation and maintenance of large infrastructures or infrastructures network. Infrastructure asset management generally focuses on the later stages of a facility’s life cycle, specifically maintenance, rehabilitation, and replacement. However, a process of efficient asset management must define methods and tools for asset tracking, management of maintenance activity, determine the life cycle and replacement costs of the assets, assistance in determining funding strategies, optimizing capital investments in operation and maintenance, and help with the replacement of assets.Currently, the procurement, design, construction, exploitation and public communication to the final users and society regarding to the land transport infrastructures are: • not multimodal, not cross-assets, but focused on individual assets. • not correctly linked, not being able to exchange information by different stakeholders. • lack of a common risk based approach and the implementation of resilient concepts throughout the whole life cycle The aim of the proposal is to establish a common framework for governance, management and finance of transport infrastructure projects in order to ensure the best possible return from limited investment funds in transport infrastructuresThe main objective of RAGTIME is to develop, demonstrate and validate an innovative management approach and to lay out a whole system planning software platform, based on standard multiscale data models, able to facilitate a holistic management throughout the entire lifecycle of the infrastructure, providing an integrated view of risk based approach, implementing risk based models, resilient concepts and mitigation actions, with specific reference to climate change related threats perspective, and monitored with smart systems, in order to optimize ROI, management, guarantee LOS and improve resilience through maintaining the service.
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