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Tolerance of domestic maize gene material to some pathogens

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4.03.01  Biotechnical sciences  Plant production  Agricultural plants 

Code Science Field
B390  Biomedical sciences  Phytotechny, horticulture, crop protection, phytopathology 
B225  Biomedical sciences  Plant genetics 
maize, population, lines, artificial infection, Exserohilum turcicum, Fusarium ssp.,
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Researchers (5)
no. Code Name and surname Research area Role Period No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  00357  PhD Franci Aco Celar  Plant production  Researcher  1998 - 1999  358 
2.  05007  PhD Darja Kocjan-Ačko  Plant production  Researcher  1998 - 1999  946 
3.  00951  PhD Lea Milevoj  Plant production  Researcher  1997 - 1999  668 
4.  04578  PhD Ludvik Rozman  Plant production  Head  1997 - 1999  213 
5.  15577  Nevenka Valič  Plant production  Researcher  1998 - 1999  89 
As research hypothesis at least some genotypes within the large domestic maize germplasm pool (more than 500 populations and inbred lines) must incorporate genes of tolerance against prevalent pathogens in Slovenia. For screening of tolerant genotypes this material must be tested using artificial infection in field condition, primary by fungi Fusarium spp. and Exserohilum turcicum. Other pathogens will be observed if present from natural sources using standard methods. For use of the further selection, all infected plants will be selfed to secure seeds of potential tolerant genotypes. All tolerant plants of populations will be selfed again to achieve homozygotic inbred lines, tolerant to a specific pathogen. The tolerant inbred lines will be included in crossings to test heritability and for developing of tolerant hybrids.
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