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Understanding and manipulating enzymatic and proteomic processes in biomineralization - towards new biomimetic strategies, the creation of tailored nano-scale architectures and environmental monitoring

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1.  06264  PhD Tadej Dolenec  Geology  Head  2009 - 2014  483 
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1.  1555  University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engeneering  Ljubljana  1627074  19,865 
The main objective of the Action is to promote research on the biomineralisation processes of selected land, freshwater and marine species for both environmental biomonitoring and as a source of new biomimetic strategies and materials. This Action will bring together outstanding expertise in biomineralization research in a Europe-wide network that will promote a comprehensive approach to address emerging challenges in environmental monitoring and bio-nanotechnology. The work will focus on monitoring the embryonic development of selected marine organisms, on biochemical and crystallographic control mechanisms of the mineralization pathways in the embryonal and adult organisms, characterisation of specialised metabolic pathways in marine, freshwater, land and subterranean molluscs and to use these organisms in the biomonitoring of riverine and marine environments. In vivo manipulation of organisms at the biological level to create new inorganic materials will be carried out with the parallel development of strategies for new biomimetic routes to novel materials. The Action will facilitate the coordination, transfer and dissemination of knowledge within Europe to foster world-class biomineralisation research through the integration of diverse, though complementary, disciplines, capacity building, enhanced competitiveness and the development of research cohesion between western and eastern European countries. Scientific knowledge gained under the Action will be integrated in teaching curricula at participating universities around Europe, effectively broadening the scope of training of young scientists and creating a foundation for enhancing Europe’s competitiveness in this area.
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