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Investigations into literary theory and literary history

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6.07.00  Humanities  Literary sciences   

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H390  Humanities  General and comparative literature, literary criticism, literary theory 
H590  Humanities  Baltic and Slavonic languages and literatures 
Slovenian literature, Slovenian lyrics of the “Moderna” period, Slovenian memoirs and autobiographic prose, metaphor and rhythm in the older Slovenian poetry, Slovenian Catholic criticism; literary theory, comparative literature, theory of drama, intertextuality, modernism; methodology of literary history; dialogism, new historicism
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Researchers (12)
no. Code Name and surname Research area Role Period No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  00992  PhD France Bernik  Literary sciences  Researcher  1998 - 2000  873 
2.  00692  PhD Metka Boegel-Dodič  Anthropology  Researcher  1998 - 2000  28 
3.  02553  PhD Marjan Dolgan  Literary sciences  Researcher  1998 - 2000  1,146 
4.  02146  PhD Daroslav Dolinar  Literary sciences  Head  1998 - 2000  478 
5.  13660  PhD Tomaž Erzar  Theology  Researcher  1998 - 2000  326 
6.  03566  Jože Faganel  Literary sciences  Researcher  1998 - 2000  628 
7.  03434  Martin Grum  Literary sciences  Researcher  1998 - 2000  217 
8.  06442  PhD Marko Juvan  Literary sciences  Researcher  1998 - 2000  733 
9.  17543  Alenka Maček    Researcher  1998 - 2000 
10.  00607  Sonja Stergaršek  Literary sciences  Researcher  1998 - 2000  63 
11.  04280  MSc Jola Jožica Škulj  Literary sciences  Researcher  1998 - 2000  342 
12.  04305  PhD Andrej Vovko  Historiography  Researcher  1998 - 2000  1,564 
Organisations (1)
no. Code Research organisation City Registration number No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  0618  Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts  Ljubljana  5105498000  61,892 
The research was subdivided into four related, though relatively independent fields of inquiry. 1. Focusing on historical and theoretical problems of Slovenian literature which so far have not been treated in full extent or thoroughly enough, or need to be re-evaluated, given the radical changes in literary criticism and in its historical context, a study on Slovenian poetry of “Moderna” period, a study on contemporary memoirs and autobiographical prose, a study on the relationship between metaphorical and rhythmic components in older Slovenian poetry and a study on principles and praxis of Catholic aesthetic and critical judgement of Slovenian literature have been set up. 2. The research on fundamental concepts and problems of literary theory, giving special attention to the role these concepts and problems played in Slovenian literature, has been prepared for publication in the series of monographical studies Literarni leksikon. Recently, a monograph on the Theory of drama was published; the study on intertextuality is also close to its end. Further progress was made in the research on modernism and in some other related fields. 3. The research on fundamental conceptions of Slovenian literary history focused on the period of institutionalization of literary criticism, greatly marked with the foundation of University of Ljubljana (1919). 4. As it aproached the new conceptions of textuality and subjectivity the research on theoretical and methodological changes in modern literary criticism after 1960 touched upon the problems of literariness, dialogism, globalisation and marginalisation in literary and cultural studies. Individual results of the above sketched research are being published regularly and have been included into academic or other public lectures. The members of the research team published 8 articles in periodicals, 2 major contributions in books and 8 other articles. Eight times they gave public lectures; three researchers teach on university level.
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