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Modernizing teacher education at University of Prishtina

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1.  23750  PhD Janez Vogrinc  Educational studies  Head  2014 - 2016  429 
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1.  0588  University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education  Ljubljana  1627082  30,749 
The main feature of the project is to modernize teacher education at the University of Prishtina in line with the legislation demands and good EU practices in the frame of Bologna process actions of developing curricula (programs) in three cycles. The main outcomes of the project include the development of 5 new teacher education programs at Master level as well as revision of two existing Master programs at the Faculty of Education. The new and revised Master Programs will be in line with the demands that school curriculum reform has placed on Kosovo schools - implementation of an ambitious competency-based curriculum, which requires mastery of the modern pedagogy principles that fit within the philosophy of outcomes-based education. In parallel, in order to ensure the new Master Programs will yield desired results, as well as in order to ensure remarks made by previous accreditation process are addressed, the project includes a number of activities that lead to enhanced capacities of Faculty of Education staff to deliver modern pedagogy courses as well as dedicate a special attention to the research-based teacher education practices. Overall, the project is aiming at increasing awareness among stakeholders on the need for increased teacher professionalism through the involvement of schools and selected teachers in the project activities related to student teaching and research development activities leading to the understanding of teaching education as a research-based practice.
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