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International Joint Master programme on Material and Energy Flows managament

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1.  06003  PhD Darko Goričanec  Energy engineering  Head  2013 - 2016  626 
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1.  0794  University of Maribor, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering  Maribor  5089638012  13,076 
The Project aim is to cooperate on Master level on Material and Energy Flows Managament. Two Serbian universities will have joint master programme with Trier University of Applied Sciences, and Institute for Applied Material Flow Management (IfaS) in Birkenfeld. The 1st year will be held at Serbian universities and the 2nd at IfaS, Germany. After completing it, the students will have the option to obtain dual or joint degree. It is also planned to introduce joint master work as well as LLL short training courses for Public services. In the 1st Project year, Serbian partners will update their knowledge in BE, HU, Sl and DE. Learning outcomes, competence, study plan and content of the courses will be defined with the help of EU partner. The documentation for accreditation will be submitted. In the 2nd year, joint master programme and short LLL courses for public services will be developed. The joint master thesis concept will also be defined and the written material for master programme and training courses will be prepared. In the 3rd year, the master programme and training courses will be held. Joint master theses are also planned. Before the Project ends, new generation of students will be enrolled as well as trainees for LLL training courses.The main outcomes are:Analysis of master programmes related to energy and environmental protection at Serbian universities and comparative study;Updated knowledge of Serbian partners on material and energy flows management;New international joint master programme;Joint master thesis concept;LLL training courses for Public services;Written teaching material for joint master programme and LLL training courses;Implemented joint master programme;Implemented LLL training courses for Public services;Realized joint master thesis concept;Project’s web-site;Published and presented Project’s results;Accredited master programme;Enrollment of students;Signed new agreements for LLL training;Dissemination booklet.
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