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Peer coaching for teachers to create stimulating learning environment for pupils

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1.  1190  NATIONAL EDUCATION INSTITUTE OF SLOVENIA  Ljubljana  5911338  2,691 
Peer coaching is a relatively new method of fostering teachers’ professional and personal development. It helps teachers to develop their communication and interpersonal skills as well as teaching competencies. It builds upon establishing effective partnerships among teachers in order to provide a stimulating learning environment for pupils.The main goal of the project is to introduce peer coaching method to two schools in Croatia and Slovenia. We will involve teams of teachers into 5 days peer coaching training programme, give them individual and team coaching sessions, support them in developing an action plan of implementing peer coaching model into their school practice and encourage them to transfer peer coaching method into local environment. More than 50 teachers will be directly involved in the project. By various dissemination activities on regional, national and European levels we plan to reach at least 2.500 people. Moreover, all 6 partners will exchange their best practices, especially schools, which will devote 2 staff visits to exchanging practices in creating stimulating learning environment for pupils.By creating user-friendly webpage on peer coaching and transferring the knowledge to local environment the project aims to sustain the results after the EU funding is concluded.
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