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1.  1190  NATIONAL EDUCATION INSTITUTE OF SLOVENIA  Ljubljana  5911338  2,691 
The National Education Institute (NEI) is a key institution on national level striving to increase the quality of education on all levels of pre-university education with the aim to provide high quality and effective instruction for pupils and students. This can be realized through systematic, in-depth and professional cooperation and development of school practice in view of providing sustainability and continuity of impact and results. The application focuses on the acquisition of new knowledge and skills and exchange of experience from three fields, which are according to the feed-back information received from study groups and taking into account key national and European guidelines in education, part of annual work plan of the NEI. They are considered as priority fields in planning the activities undertaken by advisers within area/subject groups: - assessment for learning - bringing research findings to teachers’ attention in comprehensive way - career long learning of teachers The main objectives of the project are: - professional and personal growth of advisers and increasing their competences, necessary for effective introduction of the assessment for learning elements in the pedagogic practice, including the use of appropriate tools - supporting teachers in selection, introduction and reflection about the research findings applied to the school practice - encouraging professional learning of teachers throughout their career from beginner to and experienced teacher. 20 educational advisers representing various subject groups (areas: humanities, science, languages, teaching at lower primary level, general area) will take part in the 2-year mobility project. Their professional expertise includes subject and cross-curricular professional knowledge (didactic and methodical skills, key competences, ICT, professional development of teachers, sustainable development, research, publishing, communication in foreign languages). The core part of the project are two mobilities undertaken at the partner organisation Education Scotland (ES), which is the Scottish governmental executive agency, responsible for establishing policies at pre-school and school level and therefore comparable to the NEI in its role, mission and vision. We are envisaging two 7-day visits, which will provide the opportunity for the advisers to get more in-depth knowledge of 3 topics, to exchange experience with the ES advisers and prepare the implementation plan into the Slovenian school practice. The programme will include the observation classes, collegial learning and participation at the Scottish learning festival which is a major educational event bringing together Scottish schools and teachers. The other activities are language, cultural and pedagogical preparation of participants before mobility, internal and external dissemination and interim and final evaluation of the project. The project will provide an impact at the local, regional, national and international level. The NEI is divided into 9 regional units, covering schools and kindergartens at all levels of pre-university education in Slovenia. The access to all schools and teachers is enabled through study groups, which are organized according to the regional key, thus ensuring equal opportunities to all target groups. This is the core mission of the pedagogic advisers and by participating in the mobility they are committed to transfer the knowledge and experience to the school practice. _x0
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