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The aptitude of different pig genotypes for production of dry-cured ham

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4.02.04  Biotechnical sciences  Animal production  Processing of animal raw materials 

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T430  Technological sciences  Food and drink technology 
B400  Biomedical sciences  Zootechny, animal husbandry, breeding 
dry-cured ham, meat quality, pig, genotype
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1.  11233  PhD Marjeta Čandek Potokar  Animal production  Head  1999 - 2001 
Organisations (1)
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1.  0401  Agricultural institute of Slovenia  Ljubljana  5055431  14 
Study aims to evaluate the aptitude of different genotypes of pigs, precisely crossing with duroc breed, for production of dry-cured ham ''''kraški pršut''''. In Slovenia, this breed is quite important in pig meat production. The expert opinion on relevance of including duroc genes for purposes of dry-cured ham production is often contradictory. In experiment pigs with different proportion of duroc genes will be studied at two slaughter weights. Fresh meat and dry-cured ham quality will be evaluated. For production of dry-cured hams, certain raw material qualities are demanded, for which a particular type of pig can be better. The results of this study can help to select the genotype and rearing technology. Morover, this traditional slovene product has not yet been adequatly protected. This study can furnish zootechnical basis for protection of geographical origin or creation of trade mark.
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