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Implementation Guidelines for Intersectional Peer Violence Preventive Work

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1.  18944  PhD Majda Hrženjak  Anthropology  Head  2009 - 2011  345 
2.  28994  PhD Živa Humer  Social sciences  Researcher  2010 - 2011  244 
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1.  0366  Peace Institute  Ljubljana  5498295000  3,581 
Violence is still mayor problem of modern societies. Violence prevention should be part of every learning process. In the last years research has shown that the risk factors for violent behaviour are very different in depency of the target group. Intersectional approaches promise to foster group specific violence prevention, so that violence prevention with an intersectional approach will be much more effective as other violence prevention methods.The IGIV objectives focus on adult learners who want to improve their analysis in the field of violence prevention in general. It empowers trainers and adults from the filed of social and educational work to implement intersectionality as a core perspective in their work. IGIV will realise a needs analysis under the perspective of intersectionality in the field of potential users, out of this it will develop and test practical analytic tools and diagnostic instruments as well as implementation guidelines. All this will be available as online and printed manual. A modularised training course with focus on gender, class, ethnicity and other relevant categories according to European Quality Standards will also be developed and conducted. A website and online forum for exchange and communication will be launched, a final conference undertaken in order to present and evaluate the results.Target groups are trainers in general, especially trainers of gender competence, anti-racism, social justice tec, as well as paedagogical staff at institutions of adult learning, social and educational workers and policy makers.
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