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1.  1190  NATIONAL EDUCATION INSTITUTE OF SLOVENIA  Ljubljana  5911338  2,691 
The CreativeClassroomsLab project, co-ordinated by European Schoolnet, includes 9 Ministries of Education (AT, BE/FL, BE/FR, CZ, IT, LT, PT, SI, UK), or organisations designated to act on their behalf, and five leading ICT vendors (Acer, Microsoft, Texas Instruments, Samsung, SMART) as Associate Partners.The project will provide a pan-European experimentation involving 45 classrooms in nine countries on the use of tablets in secondary schools to inform and help steer policy development related to the implementation of 1:1 pedagogical approaches. By combining resources and sharing expertise, as well as co-designing action research pilots with suppliers, the project will enable MoE to address common policy challenges related to the rapid introduction of tablet technologies.There will be a particular focus on how practice is changed as a result of tablets being used for collaboration, personalisation and active learning, as well as on successful integration of tablets with classroom technologies already in mainstream use. The experimentations in a controlled environment will target concrete common policy concerns that MoE are now facing on how tablets can be integrated in schools but will also carry out some smaller explorations of tablet integration with emerging technologies and platforms. The latter experimentations can be regarded more as a ‘proof of concept’ but will ensure that MoE also begin to address future policy challenges that are likely to exist by the end of the project, as well as more immediate concerns regarding tablet integration.Lessons drawn from the policy experimentations will be used to: develop a creative classroom course and guidelines for teachers; support capacity building within MoE at both national and regional levels and encourage them to introduce changes in their education systems in order to mainstream and foster large-scale implementation of the innovative practices involving tablets identified in the project.
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