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1.  1190  NATIONAL EDUCATION INSTITUTE OF SLOVENIA  Ljubljana  5911338  2,691 
evidence based teaching & learning en delen via professionele leergemeenschappenbackground of the project:Results of international reseach a.o. Hargreaves, Fullan, Timperley, Dana, OECD...show that schools have to give the professionality back to the teachers. This project aims that the teacher becomes again the true profession who knows what evidence means in education and who reflects on his practice, based on evidence.Once the teacher has found answers on his questions of practice, he/she can share his practice with colleagues. We want to establish effective professional learning communities that handle about the practice and has influence on the practice of teachers.The project aims to discover international new ideas on ‘evidence based teaching & learning and on establishing effective professional learning communities. The objectives are fivefold:- Discovering international evidence based teaching and learning;- Discovering international how teachers can share their expertise in effective professional learning communities;- From international experiences and learning, enhancing the expertise of schools and teachers;- To share and to apply into the practice what has been learned;- Discovering the lingual and cultural diversity within Europe and using this diversity to cooperate in realizing the objectives from Europe, the collaboration within Europe and the European ideas.Members of the consortium:Schools in compulsory education (primary & secondary)International activities:- Stadsschulrat Wien, Austria (course and conference)- University Tartu, Estland: (course and conference)- National education institute, Slovenia: (conference) - university college Fontys Tilburg, Nederland; (course/studyvisit)- Dene Magna, Gloucester Engeland, (study visit) - Aisis Czech Republic (course)- Eduouka Oulu Finland: (studyvisit)Methodology:The consortium will work strategic. A team of school leaders and teachers will participate jointly on the activities. Research on effective professional learning has shown that this is the most effective way of professional learning (mixed teams).During the international learning, the teams will reflect on what they learn. They will refine their frame of thinking and develop action plans for their local school. Later on, the teams share what they learned in their school and in the consortium. Results:Schools will develop a sustainable policy on evidence based teaching and learning and on how they can develop effective professional learning communities. The consortiummembers will develop a document that they can use to support other schools in their working on more evidence based teaching and learning and in building real professional learning communities.
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