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Inclusive Vocational Education and Specialised Tailor-made Training

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1.  7603  Social Protection Institute of the Republic of Slovenia  Ljubljana  5966604000 
The EU 2020 Strategy includes an agenda on New Skills and Jobs. In order to reach the goals of this strategy, attention should be given to the inclusion of persons with disabilities on the labour market. They can represent a significant addition to the labour force and contribute to economic production. A qualitative and inclusive VET system is crucial in this regard.Based on 2 key principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Universal Design and Reasonable Accommodation, INVESTT wants to provide vocational schools with specific tips in order to guide all students towards the open labour market.Foreseen outcomes:- A strategy at European level, helping practitioners to work towards a universal design in their own VET context, enabling them to provide a specialised tailor-made training for all. - 1 teaching programme per partner country, helping practitioners to create a universal design in their learning environment, including an additional list of reasonable accommodations. These programmes will be based on the strategy developed at European level and will be cross-referenced with the expectations of the labour market today.Both strategy and teaching programme will improve the inclusion of persons with disabilities into the regular vocational education system, helping them to achieve the same qualification as other students and improving their transition from school to the labour market. - The further elaboration of the network of all those committed to inclusive education, which was originally developed by the Comenius project ‘Pathways to Inclusion’, focusing now on stakeholders from the VET sector.- The further development of the web based knowledge centre www.pathwaystoinclusion.eu, which was originally developed by the Comenius project ‘Pathways to Inclusion’, focusing now on inclusive VET.INVESTT's major impact will be the breakdown of an important barrier to achieve 'Inclusive VET for all': the lack of practical info.
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