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EU Classroom ePortfolios

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1.  0553  Educational Research Institute  Ljubljana  5051614000  7,076 
2.  1190  NATIONAL EDUCATION INSTITUTE OF SLOVENIA  Ljubljana  5911338  2,691 
There is wide recognition across Europe of the need for educational transformation, and the transformative potential of ICT integration. At the same time, it is widely perceived that there has been a lack of real systemic change in the integration of ICT in teaching and learning practices to date. The EUfolio project consortium believes that the ePortfolio approach has the potential to act as a strategic catalyst for promoting the integration of ICT in teaching and learning in national education systems. For this reason, the main focus of the project is on four national pilot exercises in Ireland, Slovenia, Lithuania and Cyprus, which will allow stakeholders to experiment with systemic change in a controlled yet realistic manner. The emphasis is on learning from the practical implementation of ePortfolios in schools – the pilot is a “policy experimentation” from which policymakers will be able to draw valuable real-world lessons for deepening the use of ICT (specifically the portfolio approach) in teaching, learning and assessment going forward. At the same time, the deliverables themselves will provide general lessons about the effectiveness, efficiency and conditions of generalisation of the experiments which will help foster transferability between different education and training systems and policies. The project is structured to maximise the transnational transfer of the lessons learned and good practice through peer learning events (conferences, seminars, etc.) supporting policymakers and practitioners. It is expected that the project will stimulate the development of 21st century skills of the learners and create awareness as well as transfer advice and evidence of ePortfolio development to European policy makers, schools and practitioners. The project will also develop a long-term impact on the professional development of teachers and contribute to the progress of international ePortfolio networks and research.
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