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Psychological Maltreatment in Upbringing and Socialisation of Children and Youth in Slovenia

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5.07.00  Social sciences  Criminology and social work   

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S000  Social sciences   
S160  Social sciences  Criminology 
children''s rights, psychological maltreatment of children and youth, socialisation, Slovenia
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1.  04053  PhD Zoran Pavlović  Educational studies  Head  1999 - 2000 
Organisations (1)
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1.  0504  Institute of Criminology at the Faculty of Law  Ljubljana  5051525000 
Phenomenology of psychological maltreatment of children and youth in Slovenia will be investigated, at the level of common but destructive practices of socialization, and at the level of individual parental conduct, deviant from common cultural patterns. These aims will be achieved through an analysis of clinical cases, gathered at the relevant institutions and experts, and a survey among a sample of relevant professionals about the common destructive practices of socialization. The results of these procedures will be compared against the definitions and categories of psychological maltreatment that have already been developed abroad.
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