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Equity and quality in education - between the past and the future

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5.01.00  Social sciences  Educational studies   

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5.03  Social Sciences  Educational sciences 
Quality assurance, regulatory ideas, equity, equal educational opportunities, social change(s) and future of education, educational development, international large-scale assessment surveys, neoliberalism, indicators in education
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Researchers (7)
no. Code Name and surname Research area Role Period No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  11753  PhD Slavko Gaber  Sociology  Researcher  2021 - 2023  458 
2.  04159  PhD Zdenko Kodelja  Educational studies  Researcher  2021 - 2023  726 
3.  37402  PhD Živa Kos  Educational studies  Researcher  2021 - 2023  77 
4.  19351  PhD Mitja Sardoč  Educational studies  Head  2021 - 2023  732 
5.  50601  Nika Šušterič  Educational studies  Researcher  2021 - 2023  32 
6.  31048  PhD Veronika Tašner  Educational studies  Researcher  2021 - 2023  188 
7.  34626  PhD Mojca Žveglič Mihelič  Educational studies  Researcher  2021  37 
Organisations (3)
no. Code Research organisation City Registration number No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  0553  Educational Research Institute  Ljubljana  5051614000  6,980 
2.  0581  University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts  Ljubljana  1627058  97,440 
3.  0588  University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education  Ljubljana  1627082  30,749 
The proposed research project EQUITY AND QUALITY IN EDUCATION: BETWEEN THE PAST AND THE FUTURE aims to provide a comprehensive and in-depth study of the reform of public education in independent Slovenia and on the related changes in particualr dimensions of public education in the Republic of Slovenia. In doing so, the project will seek to identify the most important challenges of this process, and the tensions and opportunities related to them, as well as the challenges related to the development and future of education. Changes in research in education, international comparative research on measuring student achievement and related 'big data', shifting the emphasis to the meritocracy-based notion of equity in education and the neoliberalization of the process of education and instrumentalization of student achievement, are just some of the changes and challenges that suggest that the direction of public education and the related provision of equal educational opportunities need to be reconsidered in the context of the relationship between equity and quality. Last but not least, this is confirmed by three of the key challenges facing modern societies and the system of education within it, namely the so-called ‘gap in opportunities’, ‘meritocratic hubris’ and the ‘trap of meritocracy’. Based on a systematic analysis of the main public policy changes in the field of education in Slovenia in the period from independence until today (with a special focus on the equity and quality of individual dimensions of education); analysis of the most important European and global trends in the development of education and identification of key indicators for monitoring the goals of the development of equity and quality of education at the national and international level; analysis of national, European and global trends in the position of the educational system in relation to other social subsystems we will prepare both theoretical bases and proposals for systemic changes in shaping the educational system in Slovenia, which will provide a conceptual framework and starting pointsfor further discussion on the development of education in Slovenia.
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