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Development of the methodology for the flood hydrograph calculation using extreme precipitation events

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2.20.00  Engineering sciences and technologies  Hydrology   

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2.07  Engineering and Technology  Environmental engineering  
Design hydrographs, extreme precipitation, hidrologic modelling, floods, design
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1.  35409  PhD Nejc Bezak  Hydrology  Researcher  2021 - 2023  334 
2.  38531  PhD Klaudija Lebar  Hydrology  Researcher  2021 - 2023  126 
3.  08245  PhD Matjaž Mikoš  Hydrology  Researcher  2021 - 2023  1,554 
4.  24342  PhD Simon Rusjan  Hydrology  Researcher  2021 - 2023  305 
5.  16258  PhD Mojca Šraj  Hydrology  Head  2021 - 2023  756 
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1.  0792  University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering  Ljubljana  1626981  25,747 
Many practical engineering problems that we encounter in spatial planning, especially in the placement of various structures in space and in providing their protection against floods, require in the planning process also an information about the design discharges or design hydrographs. Estimation of the design discharges or design hydrographs, however, is not always straightforward. In Slovenian hydrotechnical/water management practice, simple empirical equations are still very often used to determine design discharges. The use of flood frequency analysis, which give the relationship between design discharges and return periods based on measured data gives us only peak discharge values, but not other characteristics of flood waves, which are necessary for reliable results of hydraulic models and further engineering applications. Use of calibrated and verified hydrological models or procedures of regionalization of design discharges or design hydrographs is still rare in Slovenian hydrological practice. In addition to all of the above, uncertainty or at least variability due to the present uncertainties is almost never taken into account in the process of design discharges or design hydrographs estimation. Furthermore, we should not forget on climate change. Due to all the above, it is necessary to introduce more advanced hydrological methods for estimation of the design discharges or design hydrographs into Slovenian water management practice, which will reduce uncertainties in the design process. The main goal of the proposed research project is therefore to define the methodology for estimation of the flood waves of rivers (the so-called design hydrographs) in Slovenia on the basis of the experience, practices and relevant professional literature. An appropriate methodology for estimation of the design discharges or design hydrographs will be proposed for the case measured flow data are available, as well as for the case, when measured flow data are not available (e.g. sub-basins, upstream of the water gauging station), i.e. based on measured discharges/hydrographs at water gauging stations as well as based on design precipitation values using a calibrated and verified hydrological model. In both cases, the methodology for estimating uncertainty or natural variability will also be presented. All steps of the methodology will be presented using practical examples. The proposed methodology will be presented to professional institutions, operating in the field of hydrology in Slovenia. The proposed methodology will support the profession in estimation of the design discharges or design hydrographs, which are essential for more reliable results of hydraulic models and appropriate spatial planning and adopting of measures to reduce flood risk in space.
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