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1.  18631  MSc Franja Arlič  Economics  Technical associate  2015 - 2016 
2.  03706  PhD Vlasta Jalušič  Political science  Head  2015 - 2016  395 
3.  50926  PhD Maja Ladić  Political science  Researcher  2015 - 2016  49 
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1.  0366  Peace Institute  Ljubljana  5498295000  3,619 
"Womens’ breakthrough in politics usually happens at the local level, however most mayors and local councillors are men. Local structures represent an opportunity to identify obstacles and opportunities for women, as well as to reduce stereotypes of male and female roles. At the local level there is lack of information and knowledge on gender equality policies and on the opportunities posed by the representation of women and men. Even at the national level in Slovenia there is no institution that would systematically study the problem of (in)equality and raise knowledge and awareness. There are no organizations whose sole purpose would be working for women in politics. Institutional mechanisms for gender equality are weaker, despite the fact that some were established at the beginning of 1990s. Based on research among target groups – women politicians, potential candidates, and “gate keepers”, OPENN identifies obstacles for women’s entrance into politics at the local and national level and creates mechanisms of support, new legislation proposals and awareness raising among women and men, experts, gate keepers and general public. Through public events, trainings, and large publicity in classical and new media, better understanding of the benefits of women’s share in politics will be facilitated. A network of women local politicians, mentorship model, and platform of support will be formed on the basis of partnership exchange with a Norwegian Association for Local and Regional Authorities, who will also assist with the model of local services. A data base of 100 women candidates for functions, interactive info map of women representatives, video clip against stereotypes and female opinion leaders’ interventions will support the readiness for recruitment women into politics."
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