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Fathers and Employers in Action

Researchers (5)
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1.  18631  MSc Franja Arlič  Economics  Technical associate  2015 - 2016 
2.  24767  MSc Mojca Frelih  Social sciences  Researcher  2015 - 2016  177 
3.  18944  PhD Majda Hrženjak  Anthropology  Researcher  2015 - 2016  351 
4.  28994  PhD Živa Humer  Social sciences  Head  2015 - 2016  246 
5.  29686  PhD Iztok Šori  Sociology  Researcher  2015 - 2016  202 
Organisations (1)
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1.  0366  Peace Institute  Ljubljana  5498295000  3,594 
" The project “Fathers and Employers in Action” is addressing work – life balance of fathers. The aim is to foster active fatherhood in family life and cooperation of key actors, employers, trade unions and working fathers in developing and testing new strategies and possibilities of work – life balance. The project focuses on the problems of work – life balance of (young) fathers at managerial positions and in precarious forms of employment. WLB measures target women in particular, who are consequently the majority users, which is reproducing the inequality of women in the spheres of work and politics. Research shows that men are trying to change traditional gender roles through active fatherhood, but are not supported by their employers in doing so. Active fatherhood is at the heart of the project, and work-family reconciliation measures that directly address men were developed and tested. The target groups: a) employers and b) the media and the general public (raising awareness of the needs and benefits of WLB also for men and proposing concrete options in practice). The project focused on the WLB of (young) fathers c) in managerial positions and d) in precarious employment."
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