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Data, transport infrastructure condition monitoring; digitisation; sustainability; transport infrastructure management, maintenance, infrastructure condition data, assessment of measurement technologies, INFRACOMS
Researchers (4)
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1.  35411  PhD Andrej Anžlin  Civil engineering  Researcher  2022 - 2024  135 
2.  24200  MSc Darko Kokot  Civil engineering  Head  2022 - 2024  141 
3.  27532  PhD Maja Kreslin  Civil engineering  Researcher  2022 - 2024  162 
4.  28775  PhD Rok Vezočnik  Geodesy  Researcher  2022 - 2024  87 
Organisations (1)
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1.  1502  Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute  Ljubljana  5866324000  10,454 
"Effective and efficient road asset management relies on the availability and timely exchange of information to support robust decisions on maintenance needs. In recent years there has been significant progress in the development of technology, providing the opportunity to improve and enhance asset management decisions through the use of new sensing technologies for data collection, and advanced techniques in data processing to convert data into information to enrich asset management systems. These new technologies, such as remote sensing, satellite monitoring, crowdsourcing, V2I/I2V communications, advanced data processing and Internet of Things (IoT) etc. are now gradually making their way into asset management within road administrations. This presents a number of challenges for current and future asset management processes. With this rapid technological changes, National Road Authorities (NRAs) face considerable challenges: Understanding which technology or set of technologies will add value and bring efficiency in managing their assets; interpreting the data in an efficient and robust manner that meets their asset management objectives; integrating the data with suitable visualisation and decision support tools; and evaluating the wider implications of adapting these technologies in terms of cost, safety, social and environment components. To find a practical solution to these challenges and enable European National Road Authorities (NRAs) to implement innovative technologies and approaches as standard practice, Conference of European Directors of Road (CEDR) have called for research in 2021 with a specific focus on two primary asset types: road pavements and bridges. Project INFRACOMS, a two year long project, will provide NRAs with a database of remote monitoring technology, appraised in terms of its technical capability and application. INFRACOMS will also provide a flexible, sustainable and future-proofed appraisal toolkit which will enable NRAs to continue to appraise emerging technologies, an action plan, in the form of a roadmap, and maturity assessment tool for implementation of technologies within road administrations."
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