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Definied media sistems in technology of animal embryo production

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4.04.00  Biotechnical sciences  Veterinarian medicine   

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B750  Biomedical sciences  Veterinary medicine: surgery, physiology, pathology, clinical studies 
superovulation, embryo production, media, cryopreservation, sheep
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Researchers (6)
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1.  12449  PhD Robert Frangež  Veterinarian medicine  Head  2002 - 2005  279 
2.  14881  PhD Igor Klobučar  Veterinarian medicine  Researcher  2005  72 
3.  09654  PhD Silvestra Kobal  Veterinarian medicine  Researcher  2002 - 2005  260 
4.  18114  MSc Janez Kunc  Veterinarian medicine  Researcher  2005  68 
5.  10253  PhD Janko Mrkun  Veterinarian medicine  Researcher  2002 - 2005  270 
6.  16244  PhD Petra Zrimšek  Veterinarian medicine  Researcher  2002 - 2005  202 
Organisations (1)
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1.  0406  University of Ljubljana, Veterinary Faculty  Ljubljana  1627139  10,745 
The use of chemically defined media for embryo production is an important factor relevant to obtaining optimal culturing conditions and to minimize the risk for infection. In the present study the influence of chemically defined components in media for culturing and cryopreservation to the growth and development of sheep embryo will be investigated. In vitro and in vivo viability of embryos after cryopreservation using slow freezing and vitrification will be tested. After the birth of lambs from in vitro cultured embryos ''large offspring syndrome'' will be evaluated. The results obtained from the proposed study will lead to better understanding of chemically defined media used for in vitro culturing, slow freezing and vitrification of sheep embryos. The improved technology of embryo production and embryo transfer will be used in a breed preservation program (gene bank) of autochthonous animals and also for the genetic improvement of livestock.
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