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Polprevodniška elektronika (Slovene)

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Code Science Field Subfield
2.03.00  Engineering sciences and technologies  Energy engineering   
2.09.00  Engineering sciences and technologies  Electronic components and technologies   
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Researchers (23)
no. Code Name and surname Research area Role Period No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  28672  PhD Tine Andrejašič  Energy engineering  Junior researcher in economics  2008  11 
2.  25420  PhD Marko Berginc  Metrology  Junior researcher  2006 - 2008  83 
3.  18180  PhD Kristijan Brecl  Energy engineering  Researcher  2004 - 2008  151 
4.  25413  PhD Andrej Čampa  Energy engineering  Junior researcher  2006 - 2008  99 
5.  24317  PhD Gregor Černivec  Energy engineering  Junior researcher  2006 - 2008  30 
6.  23406  PhD Boštjan Glažar  Energy engineering  Researcher  2004 - 2008  40 
7.  29550  PhD Matic Herman  Communications technology  Junior researcher  2008  11 
8.  28464  PhD Mateja Hočevar  Chemistry  Junior researcher  2007 - 2008  69 
9.  20184  PhD Marko Jankovec  Energy engineering  Researcher  2005 - 2008  391 
10.  25410  PhD David Jurman  Electronic components and technologies  Junior researcher  2006 - 2008  12 
11.  03773  PhD Drago Kostevc  Electronic components and technologies  Researcher  2004 - 2008  79 
12.  19221  PhD Janez Krč  Energy engineering  Researcher  2004 - 2008  410 
13.  27518  PhD Jurij Kurnik  Energy engineering  Junior researcher  2007 - 2008  25 
14.  29549  PhD Benjamin Lipovšek  Energy engineering  Junior researcher  2008  185 
15.  21311  PhD Uroš Merc  Energy engineering  Junior researcher  2004 - 2005  20 
16.  28466  PhD Marko Nerat  Systems and cybernetics  Junior researcher  2007 - 2008  41 
17.  15463  PhD Urša Opara Krašovec  Electronic components and technologies  Researcher  2004 - 2008  263 
18.  03334  PhD Franc Smole  Energy engineering  Researcher  2004 - 2008  372 
19.  26221  Jože Stepan    Technical associate  2005 - 2008 
20.  12609  PhD Marko Topič  Energy engineering  Head  2004 - 2008  1,081 
21.  18181  PhD Mišo Vukadinović  Electronic components and technologies  Researcher  2004  72 
22.  23405  MSc Andrej Žunič  Manufacturing technologies and systems  Junior researcher  2004 - 2005 
23.  17129  Marijan Žurga    Technical associate  2004 - 2008 
Organisations (1)
no. Code Research organisation City Registration number No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  1538  University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering  Ljubljana  1626965  27,588 
Significance for science
Reasearch and development in the field of photovoltaics as one of the most promising long-term Renewable Energy Source solutions for electricity supply has immense importance for sustainable evolution in energy sector in Europe and Slovenia. Photovoltaics rapidly grows into an economy sector that grows on average between 30 – 40 % per year. It increases quality and reliability of electricity supply, since it covers the peak demand and locally creates jobs. The very begining of Slovenian photovoltaic industry has been initiated and supported by our research group as the largest and internationally recognized PV R&D group in Slovenia. In the last five years the company BISOL d.o.o. started production of wafer-based crystalline silicon PV modules, Trimo d.d. released a new family of building elements with integrated flexible thin-film PV modules, SolarValue Proizvodnja d.o.o. intends to reconstruct ferosilicate furnaces into solar-grade silicon purification process, ETI Elektroelement d.d. started development of DC fuses, Kon Tiki Solar d.o.o., Genera d.d., Gryps d.o.o., Chemitrade d.o.o., … are focusing on engineering. They all plan new PV products, which will be strongly export oriented. Besides fundamental research, which generated numerous scientific publications in the top PV specialized international journals, we are more and more involved in applied research and development of new technologies and products in the field of photovoltaics and electronics. Increased cooperation with companies in Slovenia and abroad is evident. Our contribution to the development of science is reflected also in an increasing number of invited speeches at specialized international conferences and invited lectures at other universities and institutes around the globe.
Significance for the country
Energy situation will certainly strongly affect the future of economic development in Slovenia. Resorces of conventional energy sources become scarce, their harmful use accelerates climate change and environmental pollution. Energy sustainability of individial countries on macroeconomical level and of individual residential areas or houses on microeconomical level will importantly affect the socioeconomic system. The question of reliable, efficient and upmost sustainable and environmentally friendly energy supply will tailor the development and competitiveness also in Slovenia. Research program Semiconductor Electronics 2004-2008 was important for Slovenia from the following criteria: - introduction of ecologically natural energy sources, - contribution to new solutions in semiconductor structures in photovoltaics, - development of photovoltaic modules and other products, - affirmation of Slovenian research community in international arena, - cooperation of research group with foreign research and development groups around the globe, - cooperation with other research groups and exchange of experiences, equipment and personnel in interdisciplinary fields, - educating and training of highly skilled researchers in the field of applied sciences and technologies, - creation of economic sectors and new jobs in the 21st century, - deployment of ecology oriented strategy of Slovenia with the introduction of renewable energy sources for abatement of CO2 emissions. Among numerous achievements that speak for themselves. In recognition of our achievements, professor Marko Topic received the highest Scientific Award in the Republic of Slovenia, the Zois Award, in Nov 2008 for distinguished research and development achievements in the field of electronics, photovoltaics and optoelectronics.
Most important scientific results Final report, complete report on dLib.si
Most important socioeconomically and culturally relevant results Final report, complete report on dLib.si
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