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Preparation and evaluation of stabilised control blood for haematology analysers in Slovenian external quality assessment scheme (SNEQAS).

Research activity

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3.08.00  Medical sciences  Public health (occupational safety)   

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B660  Biomedical sciences  Pediatrics 
Whole blood control, laboratory haematology, external quality assessment
Evaluation (rules)
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Researchers (11)
no. Code Name and surname Research area Role Period No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  15099  PhD Darko Černe  Pharmacy  Researcher  2008 - 2011  261 
2.  15980  PhD Dragoslav Domanovič  Microbiology and immunology  Researcher  2008 - 2011  135 
3.  27930  Mojca Frahm    Technical associate  2008 - 2011 
4.  28305  MSc Alenka France - Štiglic  Biochemistry and molecular biology  Researcher  2008 - 2011  50 
5.  17160  PhD Aleš Jerin  Cardiovascular system  Researcher  2008 - 2011  196 
6.  18636  Janez Pavlič    Technical associate  2008 - 2011 
7.  03893  PhD Marija Prezelj  Human reproduction  Researcher  2008 - 2011  218 
8.  15443  MSc Alenka Sešek Briški  Metabolic and hormonal disorders  Researcher  2008 - 2011  102 
9.  17431  Stanislava Sever    Technical associate  2008 - 2011 
10.  11331  PhD Milan Skitek  Oncology  Head  2008 - 2011  326 
11.  28773  MSc Mateja Šter  Metabolic and hormonal disorders  Researcher  2008 - 2011  34 
Organisations (3)
no. Code Research organisation City Registration number No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  0311  Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia  Ljubljana  5053960  1,752 
2.  0312  University Medical Centre Ljubljana  Ljubljana  5057272000  76,288 
3.  0787  University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Pharmacy  Ljubljana  1626973  17,522 
We will prepare stabilised whole blood control for haematological analysers and basic haematological parameters including differential white blood cell count. Whole blood control will be evaluated through internal and external quality assessment (control) as for stability and imprecision regarding predefined goals based analytical on biological variation. The model to determine the target values and acceptability limits in haematology external quality assessment scheme will be proposed for basic haematological parameters.
Significance for science
Preparing "home-made" whole blood control for cell blood count and white blood cell differential with adequate stability, comparability of results and allowable matrix effects for using in external quality assessment schemes (EQAS). The results are used in developing the system for determination of targets and acceptability limits in Slovenian National EQAS and international EQAS.
Significance for the country
Direct impact of the research on the development and economy is in savings. Using home made control material for SNEQAS we are not dependent from expensive commercial materials, selective for particular analyser or technology. Important impact of the research is also development in quality assurance of medical laboratories in public health and contribution to education in the field of haemocitometry.
Most important scientific results Annual report 2008, 2009, final report, complete report on dLib.si
Most important socioeconomically and culturally relevant results Annual report 2008, 2009, final report, complete report on dLib.si
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