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Synthesis and Transformations of Organic Compounds. New Reagents in Stereoselective and Regioselective Synthesis of Amino Acids as Intermediates in Organic Synthesis

Research activity

Code Science Field Subfield
1.04.00  Natural sciences and mathematics  Chemistry   

Code Science Field
P3   Natural sciences and mathematics  P3  
P390  Natural sciences and mathematics  Organic chemistry 

Code Science Field
1.01  Natural Sciences  Mathematics 
Amino acids, stereoselective synthesis, regioselective synthesis, new reagents in organic synthesis, heterocyclioc systems, heterocyclic amino acids, natural products, indole alkaloids, aplysinopsins, dipodazines, meridianines, Wolff rearrangement, »ring switching« metodology, biologicallly active compounds
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Researchers (16)
no. Code Name and surname Research area Role Period No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  29401  PhD Jernej Baškovč  Chemistry  Junior researcher  2009 - 2012  21 
2.  31859  PhD Jure Bezenšek  Chemistry  Junior researcher  2009 - 2013  64 
3.  22602  PhD Uroš Grošelj  Chemistry  Researcher  2009 - 2014  452 
4.  17140  Tončka Kozamernik-Hudeček    Technical associate  2009 - 2014 
5.  29400  PhD Črt Malavašič  Chemistry  Junior researcher  2009 - 2011  23 
6.  35340  PhD Jona Mirnik  Chemistry  Junior researcher  2012 - 2014  36 
7.  31949  PhD Ana Novak  Chemistry  Junior researcher  2009 - 2012  23 
8.  34601  PhD Benjamin Prek  Chemistry  Technical associate  2014  28 
9.  36315  PhD Eva Pušavec Kirar  Chemistry  Junior researcher  2013 - 2014  23 
10.  35336  PhD Sebastijan Ričko  Chemistry  Junior researcher  2012 - 2014  58 
11.  00868  PhD Branko Stanovnik  Chemistry  Head  2009 - 2014  1,797 
12.  08284  PhD Jurij Svete  Chemistry  Researcher  2009 - 2014  897 
13.  34346  PhD Luka Šenica  Pharmacy  Junior researcher  2011 - 2014  18 
14.  37406  PhD Urša Štanfel  Pharmacy  Junior researcher  2014  32 
15.  17142  Tatjana Toporiš Stipanovič    Technical associate  2009 - 2014 
16.  26548  PhD Jernej Wagger  Chemistry  Researcher  2009 - 2011  60 
Organisations (1)
no. Code Research organisation City Registration number No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  0103  University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology  Ljubljana  1626990  23,064 
Significance for science
Results of all research mentioned in this report are published in international scientific journals with IF. The results were also reported as plenary and invited lectures at international congresses and symposia and various universities and in the form of review articles in international journals and books. International scientific committee of the Blue Danube Symposia decided to give the organization of the 13th Blue Danube Symposium to our group. The research work that was performed within the scope of the programme fundamentally contribute to the development of organic chemistry and organic synthesis, heterocyclic chemistry, combinatorial chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and material science. Regarding the topics of the performed investigations, the contribution to the development of organic chemistry and chemistry is important, especially in the field of modern synthetic methods including transition-metal catalysis, organocatalysis, stereoselective and asymmetric synthesis, combinatorial and diversity-oriented synthesis, C-H activation and cross-coupling reactions. In terms of interdisciplinarity, the research results issued from this programme also influence development of other related fundamental sciences, like pharmacy, molecular biology, biochemistry, medicine, material science, etc. In summary, the research results published in international literature and presented at scientific meetings have an impact on the development of basic and applicative research, as well as industrial investigations.
Significance for the country
The quality of research is proven by the following facts: all diploma students and Ph. D. students are easily employed in slovenian pharmaceutical industry, many among them are on the most important positions in research units. The importance of the performed research programme primarily reflects in the field of human resources, considering the fact that, within the program's framework, many chemistry students concluded their studies. With their further employment, both in industry and in research institutions, and state administration, they actively contribute to socio-economic and cultural development of Slovenia. Another significant aspect of the importance of the research programme is related to the collaboration of the entire programme group, as well as its individual researchers with the chemical and pharmaceutical industries in Slovenia and across Europe. This involvement in co-operation with the economy is, of course, based on programme group competences and clearly demonstrates the relevance of the performed programme. The results of the collaboration with the chemical and pharmaceutical industries in Slovenia and Europe indicates and validates the importance of our research programme for Slovenia's and Europe’s socio-economic development. In addition, the programme group is also involved in the performance of the EN-FIST center of excellence in the frameworks of project groups RRP11 and RRP18, which in the last three years, in addition to numerous international publications, earned five patents and one patent application. The above-mentioned policy of keeping the balance and synergy between the basic and applied aspects of research contributes to Slovenia's socio-economic and cultural development, as well as better understanding of general and specific issues of industrial development, while at the same time enables significant improvements in research laboratory equipment of the parent institution. In addition, the publication of research results in international scientific journals, as well as presentations of the research results at the international and national scientific conferences in the form of invited lectures, oral, and poster presentations also contribute to international promotion of Slovenian science and thereby of Slovenia in general.
Most important scientific results Annual report 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, final report, complete report on dLib.si
Most important socioeconomically and culturally relevant results Annual report 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, final report, complete report on dLib.si
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