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5.10.02  Social sciences  Sport  Kinesiology - medical aspect (orthopedy, physiatry etc.) 

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5.01  Social Sciences  Psychology and cognitive sciences 
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Researchers (18)
no. Code Name and surname Research area Role Period No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  29345  PhD Tjaša Dimec Časar  Psychology  Junior researcher  2009 - 2012  74 
2.  21625  PhD Maja Dolenc  Educational studies  Researcher  2009 - 2010  675 
3.  13752  PhD Mojca Doupona  Sport  Researcher  2011 - 2012  648 
4.  31261  Ana Ivanovski Donko  Economics  Researcher  2009 - 2011 
5.  24379  PhD Tanja Kajtna  Psychology  Researcher  2009 - 2012  616 
6.  25595  PhD Manca Kandare  Psychology  Researcher  2009 - 2010  49 
7.  20754  PhD Jernej Kapus  Educational studies  Researcher  2010  327 
8.  33867  PhD Bogdan Kotnik  Sport  Researcher  2011 - 2012 
9.  34797  Eva Kovač  Psychology  Technical associate  2012  25 
10.  32904  PhD Jožef Križaj  Sport  Technical associate  2010 - 2012  22 
11.  34796  Maksimiljana Marinšek    Technical associate  2012 
12.  17892  PhD Robert Masten  Psychology  Researcher  2009 - 2012  305 
13.  15475  PhD Vinko Pavlovčič  Neurobiology  Researcher  2009 - 2010  193 
14.  20414  PhD Klemen Stražar  Neurobiology  Researcher  2009 - 2012  186 
15.  15062  PhD Matija Svetina  Psychology  Researcher  2009 - 2012  346 
16.  13758  PhD Matej Tušak  Educational studies  Head  2009 - 2012  1,143 
17.  31012  PhD Janez Vodičar  Sport  Researcher  2010 - 2012  292 
18.  23830  Nanika Vogrinc  Educational studies  Researcher  2009 
Organisations (3)
no. Code Research organisation City Registration number No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  0312  University Medical Centre Ljubljana  Ljubljana  5057272000  74,767 
2.  0581  University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts  Ljubljana  1627058  96,512 
3.  0587  University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Sport  Ljubljana  1627040  18,614 
Significance for science
We have successfully realized following scientific contributions: • Discovery new application findings, enabling direct transfer of psychological and medical knowledge in sports achievement with a reason to improve it. • Discovery new scientific recognitions. The research of sport injuries is flexible, because the role of athletes is changing rapidly and becoming more intertwined in social context. That is why the research of socio-psychological factors was necessary and specific to all countries, especially turbulent where the social changes are rapid, like in Slovenia. The new findings are crucial for understanding, stimulating and preserving production of top success in sport. New finding can be used in fields of psychology, kinesiology, medicine and kinesiotherapy. • Developed and expanded the methodological instruments. In Slovenia instrument on this field does not exist at all. That is why the system of detecting problems and counseling for injured athletes was strongly needed. It is also very useful for forming counseling with appropriate psychological test. This instrument offers very wide possibilities of application. We also created norms for results of instrument. • Developed of basic research field. The research of social and psychological factors of rehabilitation is in Slovenia on a very low level. There has been no such research in Slovenia; all the researches were made in foreign parts. But we need to know that sport-transformative processes in Slovenia are very specific, and we need to form professional athletes from a small sample of Slovene athletes. That demands systematical research and work joining. The results of our study imply the rehabilitation exercises and rehabilitation success. Results allow the suggestions for the modification of rehabilitation system, but it will all depend on if the economic reality, which is followed desirable trends and findings. • Developed applicative research. The results imply the beginning of systematical process of athletic rehabilitation after injury. Old process was formed completely ad hoc, meaning it is going on threw acquaintances, and some disciplines never get the help needed. And no athlete in Slovenia had a complete social-psychological provision. Till the injury occurs all the support athlete needs is available and the system is relatively developed, but when injury occurs, athlete stays alone. The results of rehabilitation characteristics will divide and reduce state governmental finances, very much needed for constant achieving top results in sport. • On the base of the research we publish scientific findings in domestic and foreign scientific literature (articles in journals and 2 scientific monograph, five scientific papers still waiting for the publication and were print in magazines with SCI). The results can be used directly in forming a new model of athletic rehabilitation after an injury. Findings represent direct information for suggestions in forming a new system of rehabilitation after injury. The results were present to The Ministry of schools and sports and Ministry for Sciences. The findings were applied on the field of systematical support to all patients in the process of orthopedic rehabilitation. The results are enable the selection of diverse social and psychological accessions for athletic support and would indicate the need of psychologists in the process of rehabilitation of injured athletes. On the base of these results suggestions and new directions for improvements of the rehabilitation process after sport injuries were done, including pre-surgery, surgery and post-surgery period of rehabilitation (on the surgery clinique, in rehabilitation centers and in the process of social support to the athletes (those from non-medicine staff, family, friends and also psychologists). We pointed out also the possible improvements how to systematically integrate the psychologists into the rehabilitation .
Significance for the country
Professional sport is for years promoter of Slovenia and a factor of identification and development of national consciousness. The results belong to the field of development and maintaining human resources in society. Top results in professional sport are obliging us to search for the factors of formation and persistence of top results in sport. The impact on rehabilitation process in sport is one of our biggest reserves, therefore it is necessary to make start of this issues fast and systematically. Througt top sport results of our athletes we promote our country, nation and our identity. We do not possess plenty of such top athletes, there are not a lot of such human resources in Slovenia, so we should really have to take care for all of them. With the optimization of the process of rehablitation we can prevent a lot of top athlete's drop outs' on one side, but on the other side we can reduce the expenses and money that we spent for succesfull rehabilitation athletes after injuries. Many of them did not receive the complex rehabilitation process and they start to train to soon, they rehabilitate very slow or even they never reach the levels before the injury. In the country with so little critical base of athletes we should spend a lot of energy to keep these athletes in good health condition and with the best possible medical environment in the periods od injury. But newertheless also the athletes' satisfaction which results out of such complex process of rehabilitation is very important for the self-confidence, for their effectiveness on the competition, for their life and sport carrier. Based on results of this project, we can determined the role of individual and teams of professionals in the rehabilitation process and search for reserves. We have already been sugerirali changes in the organization of the rehabilitation process in Slovenia. The project and its findings serve as a theoretical basis for the development of new policies and recommendations for the organization of medical and psychological rehabilitation of athletes in Slovenia. The findings of the project have already been presented at various symposia and conferences in Slovenia and abroad. Results of the project have been presented in international scientific journals as well as academic monographs. We also developed diagnostic approaches that could be patentable in the coming years and prepared for use in other countries. Some of these findings are already trying to use psychological part on the @life system (www.a-life.eu.com).
Most important scientific results Annual report 2009, 2010, 2011, final report, complete report on dLib.si
Most important socioeconomically and culturally relevant results Annual report 2009, 2010, 2011, final report, complete report on dLib.si
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