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Continuous monolithic chromatographic device

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1.  1655  Sartorius BIA Separations L.t.d., Separations technology company  Ajdovščina  1319612  1,179 
The major goal of the CIM P-CAC project is the development of a new continuous product isolation technology for downstream processing in modern biotechnology. This technology will link continuous production to continuous product isolation This will at the same time dramatically increase efficiency, speed and accuracy of the isolation process. The advantages of chromatographic separation will no longer be limited to batch wise operations but will be accessible to continuous large-scale product isolation from complex mixtures like fermentation broths. This will be achieved by combination of unique continuous annular chromatographic principle with the idea of large-scale monolith technology to provide new solutions for downstream processing. The project is expected to create a new quality and efficiency standard for downstream processing for the life science industries.
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