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Development of influenza delNS1 virus as a vector for foreign antigens

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1.  1655  Sartorius BIA Separations L.t.d., Separations technology company  Ajdovščina  1319612  1,179 
This project targets at combating diseases such as influenza and SARS. We propose to develop the influenza delNSl virus as a vector for antigens of foreign pathogens such as the SARS-associated coronavirus (SARS-CoV) and influenza virus. Candidate vaccines expressing SARS-CoV antigens as well as candidate vaccines expressing influenza virus antigens will be developed and tested in phase I clinical trials.An important feature of the delNSl vector is, that deleting the pathogenicity factor NS1 not only leads to an attenuated phenotype but also results in stimulating an efficient immune response in the host. These are highly advantageous properties for a vaccine vector. In the case of the chimeric influenza delNS 1 vaccine, expressing antigens from different influenza types by the delNSl vector would eliminate the current need to combine three different influenza virus strains for vaccination. Therefore, production and purification costs will be significantly reduced, resulting in a cheaper vaccine.The complementary constellation, the quality of the partners, efficient project management and availability of the combined resources will enable to successfully reach the goals of this project. It will allow the SMEs to significantly shorten the time necessary for the preclinical development phase and will bring the proposed chimeric vaccine viruses a major step closer to a marketable stage. Therefore, the project will contribute to the integration of partners in European research networks and, by its highly innovative features strengthen the European research.Through the involvement of partners from the Czech republic and from Slovenia this project contributes to the integration of future member countries. Due to the enormous market potential, significant earnings can be expected. The patents, virus strains and technologies generated through these project will allow the SMEs to negotiate significant upfront, licensing and royalties payments from pharmaceuticals companies.
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