PhD Matjaž Uršič

PhD Matjaž Uršič
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5.03.00  Social sciences  Sociology   

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S210  Social sciences  Sociology 
S240  Social sciences  Town and country planning 
Urban sociology, East Asian urban development, Cultural and creative urban regeneration, Smart cities, Cultural geography, Cultural consumption, Revitalization of cities, Spatial planning, Sociology of Sustainable Development, Social Ecology, Sociology of Sport, Sociology of migration
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WoS 12  51  45  3.75 
Scopus 17  102  94  5.53 
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2. Podcast Tokyo - Creativity - Newbooksnetwork:  Book presentation  Video clip selected by researcher/colleague 
3. Book Launch 2    Video clip selected by researcher/colleague 
4. Slovene Sociological Association Awards 2021  SSA Awards for Scientific publication 2021  Video clip selected by researcher/colleague 
5. Urban Education Live team Ljubljana presents: Social networks in revitalising industrial areas  UEL symposium 2021  Video clip selected by researcher/colleague 
Mentoring junior researchers
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no. Name and surname Type Period Code
1 PhD Tilen Jernej Blatnik  Bologna doctoral studies  10/1/2018 - 9/30/2022  52076 
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Level of education Professional title Study subject Faculty Year
  B. Sc.   Sociology  SI University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences 1999 
Master's degree  M. Sc.   Sociology  SI University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences 2002 
Doctor's degree  Ph. D.     SI University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences 2005 
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Full time employment (120%, RD:60%)  University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences  Centre for Spatial Sociology  1/1/2002  Professor  Researcher   
Research projects Legend
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no. Code Title Period Head No. of publications
1. J7-4641  Heritage for Inclusive Sustainable Transformation - HEI-TRANSFORM   2022 - 2024  PhD Sonja Ifko  8,447 
2. J5-3101  Mentoring relationships in the processes of scientific collaboration and knowledge production   2021 - 2024  PhD Luka Kronegger  1,318 
3. J7-1823  Analysis of territorial and social impacts of the urban tourism and its territorial governance: the cases of Ljubljana, Graz and Maribor   2019 - 2022  PhD Naja Marot  2,717 
4. H5-8286  UEL; Urban Education Live   2017 - 2020  PhD Matjaž Uršič  1,853 
5. J5-6820  Socially Responsible Corporate Governance as the Foundation of the new Development Paradigm of Slovenia and EU   2016 - 2017  PhD Rado Bohinc  1,800 
6. J5-5546  Journalism and the Internet: Political, Economic, and Cultural Perspectives of Technological Transformations of the Contemporary Journalism   2015 - 2016  PhD Melita Poler Kovačič  2,371 
7. L5-9028  Strategy for an urban-rural partnership in Slovenia   2007 - 2010  PhD Drago Kos  1,368 
8. V5-0471  Izdelava postopkov vključevanja lokalne javnosti v postopek umeščanja jedrskih objektov (Slovene)   2008 - 2009  PhD Marko Polič  5,345 
9. J5-6029  Sustainable spatial development: of Slovenia: from central places to a network of localities   2004 - 2007  PhD Drago Kos  2,534 
10. V5-0974  Ukrepi za izboljšanje bivalne kakovosti v mestih in drugih naseljih (Slovene)   2005 - 2006  PhD Mojca Šašek Divjak  1,959 
11. V2-0502  Prostorsko-sociološki vplivi vzpostavljanja informacijske družbe (Slovene)   2002 - 2004  PhD Franc Trček  1,368 
12. V5-0714  'Konkurenčnost Slovenije 2001-2006' (Slovene)   2004  PhD Marjan Hočevar  1,843 
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International projects
no. Code Title Period Head No. of publications
1. ERA NET-UEL  Urban Education Live   1/1/2017 - 12/31/2020  Matjaž Uršič   
2. FP7-ELAN-91310  CIVITAS ELAN Mobilising citizens for vital cities Ljubljana - Gent - Zagreb - Brno - Porto   9/15/2008 - 9/14/2012  Viktor Jejčič   
Matjaz Ursic, Ph.D, is an Associate Professor and Senior Research Associate at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences. He is a member of the Centre for Spatial Sociology. His research interests focus on the processes of socio-cultural transformation of cities and contemporary urban phenomena in the circumstances of globalisation. Important research interests also include society development, cultural geography, analysis of (sub)cultures, urban migration and spatial systems with particular reference to transformations due to processes of suburbanisation, deurbanisation and reurbanisation. He teaches at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Architecture, Biotechnical Faculty, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering (University of Ljubljana) and Faculty of Design (University of Primorska). Working experience include research and lecturing on various international institutes and universities (Tokyo Metropolitan University, University of Seoul, Kwangwoon University, Soongsil University, National Cheng Kung University, Kyungpook National University). He is recipient of research grants from The Japan Foundation (2009), the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (2014), The Korea Foundation (2012) etc. As a researcher he participates or took part in various research-developmental projects with city municipalities and institutions that deal with revitalisation schemes and the changing role of city centres (e.g. project “Urban Education Live” - Smart Urban Futures - ENSUF, JPI Urban Europe, ERA-NET, Horizon 2020 (H2020); project GETM3 - Global Entrepreneurial Talent Management 3 part of MSCA-RISE - Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE, H2020); project Analysing the implementation of eco-city paradigm in Northeast Asia and Europe - A comparative study of cases from Korea, Slovenia, China and Sweden. NRF Joint Research Program. Soongsil University/University of Ljubljana; project “SECOND CHANCE – From Industrial Use to Creative Impulse” (Program co-financed by ERDF – Central Europe); project “SOSTENUTO – Thinking Culture as a Factor of Economic and Social Innovation” (co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance. MED – Europe in the Mediterranean); project: “REurban Mobil - Mobilising Reurbanisation on Condition of Demo- graphic Change” (part of 5th EU Framework program - Supported by the European Commission); project: “Civitas Elan (City – Vitality – Sustainability)” – part of the “7th EU Framework program: “Mobilising citizens for vital cities”); project: “Eco-Silver House (EE- Highrise) – Energy Efficient Demo Multi-residential High Rise Building”, 7th Framework program of EU (7FP)), etc. He is part of editorial boards in scientific journals like “Urban Challenge”, ”European Quarterly of Political Attitudes and Mentalities” and is the author of a number of publications from the field of urban sociology. Major publications include: “Creativity in Tokyo – Revitalizing a Mature City” (Palgrave Macmillan, Springer 2020); “Comparing urban renewal in Barcelona and Seoul: urban management in conditions of competition among global cities” (Asia Europe Journal – Springer, 2012); “The role of traditional marketplaces in the post-industrial city – A comparative analysis of influences of urban renewal in Korea and Europe” (Trinity College Dublin, Trauben Turin, 2013); “Subcultures as a Factor of Urban Regeneration – Managing Cultural Diversity in the city Center of Ljubljana” (Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag, Berlin, 2009); The Problem of “Expert Interpretative Vacuum” in Media Discourses – Discourse Analysis of Texts on Ljubljana Urbanism (Frank & Timme, Berlin, 2008); Urban Consumption Spaces (University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, 2003, monography); Anti-urbanism as a Way of Life (University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, 2007).
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