PhD Gašper Troha

PhD Gašper Troha
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6.07.00  Humanities  Literary sciences   

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H390  Humanities  General and comparative literature, literary criticism, literary theory 
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      SI University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts 2002 
Doctor's degree  Ph. D.   Literature  SI University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts 2007 
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Full time employment (16.6%, RD:16.6%)  University of Ljubljana, Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television  Research Centre for Theatre and Film  1/1/2011  Research associate  Researcher  Assistant professor 
Full time employment (100%, RD:17%)  SLOVENIAN THEATRE INSTITUTE  SLOGI - Raziskovalna skupina (Slovene)  12/15/2022  Director  Researcher  Assistant professor 
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1. J6-8259  Slovene literature and social changes: national state, democracy and transitional discrepancies   2019  PhD Tomislav Virk  4,361 
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no. Code Title Period Head No. of publications
1. P6-0376  Theatre and interart studies   2018 - 2024  PhD Barbara Orel  4,635 
2. P6-0376  Theatre and interart studies   2013 - 2017  PhD Barbara Orel  4,911 
3. P6-0376  Gledališke in medumetnostne raziskave (Slovene)   2011 - 2012  PhD Barbara Orel  4,691 
Gašper Troha graduated from the Department of Comparative Literature and Literary Theory of the Faculty of Arts and the Academy of Music, both of the University of Ljubljana. In 2007 he received his PhD with the dissertation Artikulacija odnosa do oblasti v slovenski drami 1943–1990 [The Articulation of the Relationship to Authority in Slovenian Drama 1943–1990]. His research focuses on the sociology of literature, especially concerning the questions of contemporary world and Slovenian drama and theatre. He works part-time at the Faculty of Arts and also heads the Arsem Publishing House. In addition, he was the programme director of the Vilenica International Literary Festival (2010–2013) and the general director of the Creativity Directorate at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia (2013–2014). He has contributed to numerous national and foreign scientific journals and edited several scientific monographs, among them, History and its Literary Genres (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008), Literarni modernizem v »svinčenih« letih [Literary Modernism in the Years of Lead] (Študentska založba, 2008) and Lojze Kovačič: življenje in delo [Lojze Kovačič: Life and Work] (Študentska založba, 2009). His recent publications include a book on cultural opposition and Slovene dramatic literature entitled Ujetniki svobode [Prisoners of Freedom] (Dialogi, AGRFT, 2015).
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