PhD Nives Kovač

PhD Nives Kovač
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researcher – active in research organisation
Phone number (05) 674 63 68
E-mail nives.kovacat signpef.upr.si
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Code Science Field Subfield
1.03.03  Natural sciences and mathematics  Biology  Ecosystems 
1.08.00  Natural sciences and mathematics  Control and care of the environment   
Circulation, composition and transformation of organic matter in the sea; Biogeochemical processes in hypersaline areas; Pollution of coastal waters; Science and environmental education
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WoS 34  529  376  11.06 
Scopus 29  583  431  14.86 
Mentoring junior researchers
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no. Name and surname Type Period Code
1 PhD Neli Glavaš  Uniform doctoral studies  10/1/2008 - 11/22/2013  30856 
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Level of education Professional title Study subject Faculty Year
Bachelor's degree      SI University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology 1990 
Master's degree    Organic chemistry  SI University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology 1994 
Doctor's degree  Ph. D.   Chemistry  SI University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology 1999 
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Type of employment Research org. Research group Date of employment Position Title
Full time employment (20%, RD:20%)  National Institute of Biology  Marine Biological Station Piran  9/1/1990  Senior research associate   
Full time employment (100%, RD:0%)  University of Primorska Faculty of Education  Inštitut za edukacijske vede (Slovene)  11/8/2016  Assistant   
Research projects Legend
source: ARIS
no. Code Title Period Head No. of publications
1. N1-0164  Molybdenum geobiochemical cycle in rocks and sediments   2020 - 2021  PhD Nastja Rogan Šmuc  2,423 
2. J1-1712  Record of environmental change and human impact in Holocene sediments, Gulf of Trieste   2019 - 2021  PhD Matej Dolenec  5,279 
3. J1-1716  STRAP - Sources, TRansport and fate of persistent Air Pollutants in the environment of Slovenia   2019 - 2020  PhD Nives Ogrinc  5,363 
4. J1-8156  Stable isotopes in the study of the impact of increasing CO2 levels on C and Hg cycling in coastal waters   2017 - 2020  PhD Nives Ogrinc  6,104 
5. J7-6857  Vegetation and hydrology of Ljubljansko barje in the past, present and future - a consequence of succession, human impact or climatic fluctuations?   2014 - 2017  PhD Maja Andrič  4,847 
6. L2-4147  Influence of circulation and maritime traffic on sediment transport in wide open bays   2011 - 2014  PhD Vlado Malačič  3,658 
7. J1-2136  Povezave med organsko snovjo in kovinami, s posebnim poudarkom na Hg, v obalnem morju (Tržaški zaliv) (Slovene)   2009 - 2012  PhD Jadran Faganeli  5,106 
8. J7-7397  Carbon transport processes and mechanisms in forest ecosystems   2005 - 2008  PhD Nives Ogrinc  6,414 
9. J1-7369  The impact of microbal processes on Hg biomagnification in food webs of the Gulf of Trieste (northern Adriatic sea)   2005 - 2008  PhD Jadran Faganeli  5,183 
10. J1-5314  Izvori in kroženje organske snovi v obalnem morju (Tržaški zaliv) (Slovene)   2003 - 2005  PhD Jadran Faganeli  3,665 
11. V4-0387  Poskusno gojenje romba (scophtalmus maximus) v potopljenih mrežnih kletkah (Slovene)   2001 - 2002  MSc Aleš Bolje  323 
12. V1-0360  Sluz v morju in možni ukrepi za olajšanje posledic (Slovene)   2001  PhD Alenka Malej  1,784 
ARIS research and infrastructure programmes Legend
source: ARIS
no. Code Title Period Head No. of publications
1. P1-0237  Coastal Sea Research   2020 - 2021  PhD Patricija Mozetič  4,184 
2. P1-0237  Coastal Sea Research   2015 - 2019  PhD Patricija Mozetič  4,088 
3. P1-0237  Coastal Ocean Research   2009 - 2014  PhD Alenka Malej  4,845 
4. P1-0237  Coastal Ocean Research   2004 - 2008  PhD Alenka Malej  4,333 
5. P0-0501-0105  Raziskave morja in obalnega okolja (Slovene)   2001 - 2003  PhD Alenka Malej  4,163 
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