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InteroperabilIty of virtual organisations on complex semantic grid

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št. Evidenčna št. Ime in priimek Razisk. področje Vloga Obdobje Štev. publikacijŠtev. publikacij
1.  27688  dr. Robert Klinc  Gradbeništvo  Raziskovalec  2004 - 2007  173 
2.  08375  dr. Žiga Turk  Gradbeništvo  Vodja  2004 - 2007  531 
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št. Evidenčna št. Razisk. organizacija Kraj Matična številka Štev. publikacijŠtev. publikacij
1.  0792  Univerza v Ljubljani, Fakulteta za gradbeništvo in geodezijo  Ljubljana  1626981  26.269 
The project is extending the semantic grid paradigm to support dynamic virtual organizations (VO) that collaborate on the design, production and maintenance of products that are described in complex, structured, product model databases. Such VOs are typical for industries with long and dynamically changing supply chains like automotive, shipbuilding and aerospace. Perhaps the most complex VOs are in architecture, engineering and construction.Semantic interoperability of software and information systems belonging to members of the VO is essential for efficient collaboration within the VO. The hypothesis of this project is that the collaboration platform - the semantic grid itself - must be aware of the business concepts (e.g. car, plane, house) that the VO is addressing. The grid itself needs to commit to the product's and process's ontology thereby evolving into an ontology committed semantic grid. The goal of this project is to create an architecture and a prototype for such an infrastructure, based on existing grid middleware and test it in the context of industries mentioned above.The main result of the project are the generic business-object-aware extensions to grid middleware, implemented in a way that would allow grids to commit to an arbitrary ontology. These extensions are propagated to toolkits that allow hardware and software to be integrated into the grid. The demonstration will show the next generation of key engineering collaboration software using the inteliGrid middleware - an ontology service, a product model database server, a project Web collaboration service and characteristic computer aided design software.The project's impact is wide; it creates knowledge, infrastructure and toolkits that will allow for a broad transition of the industry towards semantic, model based, ontology committed collaboration using the grid, rather than the Web, as the infrastructure, thus enabling the grid to become a mainstream collaboration paradigm.
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