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Latin and German Chronicles in Slovenia

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Latin, German, chronicles, Middle Ages, modern times, history of literature, cultural history, history, Humanities
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Researchers (13)
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1.  29396  PhD Monika Deželak Trojar  Literary sciences  Researcher  2021 - 2024  120 
2.  14117  PhD Boris Golec  Historiography  Researcher  2020 - 2024  638 
3.  39185  PhD Matjaž Grahornik  Historiography  Researcher  2022 - 2024  103 
4.  19012  PhD Matej Hriberšek  Linguistics  Head  2020 - 2024  347 
5.  32636  PhD Petra Kramberger  Literary sciences  Researcher  2020 - 2024  115 
6.  23443  PhD David Movrin  Literary sciences  Researcher  2020 - 2024  213 
7.  16207  PhD Matija Ogrin  Literary sciences  Researcher  2020 - 2024  502 
8.  52494  PhD Vojko Pavlin  Historiography  Researcher  2020 - 2023  69 
9.  22572  PhD Gregor Pobežin  Literary sciences  Researcher  2020 - 2024  295 
10.  20221  PhD Miha Preinfalk  Historiography  Researcher  2020 - 2024  441 
11.  19522  PhD Tone Smolej  Literary sciences  Researcher  2020 - 2024  650 
12.  24714  PhD Luka Vidmar  Literary sciences  Researcher  2020 - 2024  505 
13.  24920  PhD Tanja Žigon  Humanities  Researcher  2020 - 2024  445 
Organisations (2)
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1.  0581  University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts  Ljubljana  1627058  98,181 
2.  0618  Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts  Ljubljana  5105498000  63,142 
The subject of the research project are (handwritten and printed) Latin and German chronicles (as primary historical sources), written in Slovenia from the Middle Ages until the early 20 century, when some church chronicles were still written in Latin. Research will address chronicles in the strict sense of the word as well as works of chronical character, e.g. annals, chronologies, comments, catalogues, genealogies, correspondences, diaries etc. The project involves 12 researchers: 5 from the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, 6 from ZRC SAZU and one independent researcher. The objectives of the project are: - to lay the theoretical and practical bases for the scientific treatment and publication of chronicles; - to find as many chronicles as possible and works of chronical character, to document them and to present their contents; - to establish a web portal for presenting the project and publishing the collected material; - to digitize (with the permission of holders of copyright) as many chronicles as possible; - to evaluate existing published chronicles and, if possible, complement them; - to prepare the publication of two chronicles (one Latin and one German), i.e. to copy and translate them (integral translations if possible, or at least in longer excerpts), to scientifically process and publish them in accordance with the principles and rules of modern scientific editions and methods of digital humanities - to prepare an exhibition on the project and the meaning of chronicles; - to establish contacts with foreign researchers and institutions engaged in the research of chronicles; - to prepare an international symposium on the topic of chronicles. Each of the participating researchers will address chronicles from their point of view and according to their research preferences. Two chronicles have been selected to become case-studies: - (Latin) Fajdiga's chronicle, the Latin chronicle of the Franciscan provincial librarian and archivist Mavrus Fajdiga (1734-1790), preserved in the manuscript; - (German) correspondence of Franc Franc to Joseph Kalasanc Baron Erberg, chronicles in letters (1800 total), whom Franc Franc informed about the life and events in Ljubljana and wider in the period from 1832 to 1840. The central theme of both chronicles is Ljubljana as the capital city of Carniola, its importance over time, the cultural, political and social specifics, its urban feel, development, etc., as both chronicles describe them. The project brings together three classical philologists (Hriberšek, Pobežin, Movrin), three experts for comparative literature (Smolej, Ogrin, Vidmar), three Germanists (Žigon Kramberger, Pavlin) and three historians (Golec, Preinfalk, Pavlin); among them is also the most qualified expert for Digital Humanities in the field of editing of manuscripts; this is Matija Ogrin. Project is divided into 4 project phases, extending over the timespan of three years. The project will tackle an exceptionally broad and poorly cultivated area; chronicles will supplement existing historical resources from various perspectives and will be an important source for local history. They will be of interest for the widest circle of researchers, and will be introduced to researchers abroad; above all, they will establish conditions for continued research even after the completion of the project.
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