PhD Monika Deželak Trojar

PhD Monika Deželak Trojar
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6.07.00  Humanities  Literary sciences   

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H390  Humanities  General and comparative literature, literary criticism, literary theory 
H230  Humanities  Modern history (up to circa 1800) 
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Full time employment (100%, RD:100%)  Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts  Institute of Slovenian Literature and Literary Studies 
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no. Code Title Period Head No. of publications
1. J6-50203  The Beginnings of Slovenian Secular Drama and Theatre (1670‒1848)   2023 - 2024  PhD Luka Vidmar  4,271 
2. N6-0193  Freising and Slavs under bishop Abraham. A text-based approach to mission and pastoral care among Carantanians in the 10th century   2021 - 2024  PhD Matija Ogrin  1,135 
3. J7-2604  Latin and German Chronicles in Slovenia   2021 - 2024  PhD Matej Hriberšek  4,221 
4. J6-2583  Slovenian Writers and Imperial Censorship in the Long Nineteenth Century   2020 - 2024  PhD Marijan Dović  4,153 
5. Z6-8260  Jesuit Plays as a Factor in the Development of Early Modern Drama: The Slovenian and Central European Context   2018 - 2020  PhD Monika Deželak Trojar  120 
6. L6-7134  Forbidden Books in the Slovenian Lands in the Early Modern Period   2016  PhD Luka Vidmar  4,375 
7. J7-7276  History of Doctoral Dissertations by Slovene Candidates in the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1872-1918)   2016  PhD Tone Smolej  5,271 
8. J6-6846  National Poets and Cultural Saints of Europe: Commemorative Cults, Canonization, and Cultural Memory   2014 - 2016  PhD Marijan Dović  3,998 
9. J6-5561  Slovenian Literature in Unknown Early Modern Manuscripts. Information-Technology Aided Analyses and Scholarly Editions   2013 - 2016  PhD Matija Ogrin  4,738 
10. J6-4019  The leading humanists in the Slovenian territory between the 16th and mid-19th centuries and their social and cultural environment   2011 - 2014  PhD Boris Golec  4,895 
11. J6-3613  The "Slovenian" World Literature: Locating World Literature in a National Literary System   2010 - 2013  PhD Marko Juvan  4,264 
12. L6-0163  Unknown 17th and 18th century manuscripts of Slovenian literature: information-technology aided register, scholarly editions and analyses   2008 - 2011  PhD Matija Ogrin  4,349 
13. V2-0380  Elektronsko besedilno središče z multimedijsko komunikacijo (Slovene)   2008 - 2009  PhD Matija Ogrin  3,940 
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