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Impact of urban environment on soil quality and processes in unsaturated zone

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1.06.07  Natural sciences and mathematics  Geology  Natural resources (mineral and energy raw materials, water) 

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P470  Natural sciences and mathematics  Hydrogeology, geographical and geological engineering 
water flow, mass transport, unsaturated zone, Quaternary gravel aquifer, urban pollution, infiltration regime, lysimeter, Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Researchers (11)
no. Code Name and surname Research area Role Period No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  03611  Miran Bizjak  Geology  Researcher  2002  58 
2.  15249  PhD Barbara Čenčur Curk  Geology  Researcher  2002 - 2004  513 
3.  10024  PhD Marina Pintar  Plant production  Researcher  2002  847 
4.  21092  Melhior Pregl  Geology  Researcher  2002 - 2004  762 
5.  14365  PhD Boris Salobir  Mining and geotechnology  Researcher  2002  201 
6.  17223  Ivan Supovec    Researcher  2003 - 2004  543 
7.  21093  Mladen Štefančič    Researcher  2002  56 
8.  13034  PhD Branka Trček  Control and care of the environment  Researcher  2002 - 2004  228 
9.  02214  PhD Miran Veselič  Geology  Researcher  2002  441 
10.  15886  PhD Goran Vižintin  Mining and geotechnology  Researcher  2002 - 2004  489 
11.  11755  PhD Željko Vukelič  Mining and geotechnology  Head  2002 - 2004  324 
Organisations (2)
no. Code Research organisation City Registration number No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  0210  Institute for Mining, Geotechnology and the Environment  Ljubljana  5051576000  4,557 
2.  0215  Geological Survey of Slovenia  Ljubljana  5051410000  11,209 
In the frame of research project "Impact of Urban Environment on Soil Quality and Processes in Unsaturated Zone" we plan to build a lysimeter within the Union brewery area. By this lysimeter, we plan to monitor the status and changes in quality of soil and of the unsaturated zone of the upper Ljubljansko polje Quaternary aquifer within this area. For this purpose, we will install in soil and in unsaturated zone at different depths under the land surface a series of in-situ parameters measuring captors and a series of suction tubes for pore water sampling. On the surface we will install a meteorologic station for measurement of local hydrometeorologic parameters and an artificial rain producing shower, aimed at studying the preferential flow paths of vertical percolation in the unsaturated zone. Below three different surface covers (asphalt, gravel dump and grass) we will install 126 measuring and sampling points in soil and in unsaturated zone and at least two in the saturated zone of this aquifer. We will monitor all relevant pedologic, hydrogeochemical, hydroisotopic and basic microbiologic parameters. A throughout analytical monitoring is too costly and may even in the richest countries hardly be afforded. Therefore, in order to optimise and lower the costs, we will first perform a throughout "scoping" and then design monitoring of relevant parameters accordingly. It is to be noted that the processes in the unsaturated zone are after recent findings much slower than expected. To assess any changes and trends, 5-8 years may be needed. This research project represents therefore the beginning of a longterm environmental monitoring in this area. We believe that it is innovative for the Ljubljana area and in accordance with the actual world research trends.
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