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Computational models of geomechanical mechanisms for safe sublevel coal mining

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2.16.00  Engineering sciences and technologies  Mining and geotechnology   

Code Science Field
T340  Technological sciences  Mining 
underground coal exploitation, caving proccesses, stress and strains, pore water preassure, comprimation of caving material, 3D numerical analysis, Finite Difference Method.
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Researchers (10)
no. Code Name and surname Research area Role Period No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  20119  Jurij Čadež  Mining and geotechnology  Researcher  2005 - 2008  250 
2.  11443  PhD Andrej Gosar  Geology  Researcher  2005 - 2008  455 
3.  25592  PhD Gregor Jeromel  Mining and geotechnology  Junior researcher  2005 - 2008  28 
4.  22918  Robert Lah  Mining and geotechnology  Researcher  2005 - 2008  44 
5.  13459  Marjan Lenart  Geology  Researcher  2005 - 2008  54 
6.  09644  PhD Jakob Likar  Mining and geotechnology  Head  2005 - 2008  1,884 
7.  08302  PhD Tomaž Rodič  Materials science and technology  Researcher  2005 - 2008  241 
8.  16096  PhD Tomaž Šuštar  Mathematics  Researcher  2005 - 2008  46 
9.  11755  PhD Željko Vukelič  Mining and geotechnology  Researcher  2005 - 2008  323 
10.  18918  PhD Milivoj Vulić  Geodesy  Researcher  2005 - 2008  228 
Organisations (3)
no. Code Research organisation City Registration number No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  1252  The Coal mine Velenje  Velenje  5040361  351 
2.  1533  Centre for Computational Continuum Mechanics  Ljubljana  5663270  83 
3.  1555  University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engeneering  Ljubljana  1627074  19,816 
Project has already been developed in past years as part of applied research project in collaboration with Velenje coal mine, actual project will continue and finish work in past years. A 2D numerical analysis has been executed in past years, with usage of different failiure criteria, but results haven’t fully satisfied the expectations. Then a 3D numerical model has been constructed, and a special code for real geometry of geology and exploitation field has been developed. Test calculations with 3D model have been already executed, and first results fit the expectations. The calculation of previous coal exploitation, executed from Velenje coal mine will be performed in future, with different failiure criteria and other input data like geomechanical properties of raw materials, primary stress state and water pressures to adjust the calculation results as much as possible to real mechanism at exploitation of coal, or, in other words, a calibration of the model. At calibration phase an experience and basic research, site and laboratory, will be taken into account. If none of the failiure criteria won’t fit the expectations, for the first time in Slovenia a new failiure criteria will be developed, which will describe the properties of row material at Velenje coal mine area. When the model will be calibrated, a number of calculations will be executed, to simulate a coal exploitation, provided from Velenje coal mine in the future. The design of the exploitation proccess will be verified, critical areas will be find and changes will be suggested, if necessary. Paralel to the calculation a proccess of including a numerical analysis to the working process at Velenje coal mine will be done. Necessary hardware and software is partly already available. The project goal is to include a 3D numerical analysis in a working process, to developed a new tool for the exploitation coal design, increase the safety in coal exploitation nad improve the productivity of coal exploitation process.
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