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Physicochemical characterisation of liquid triacylglycerols

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4.03.07  Biotechnical sciences  Plant production  Technology of vegetal origin food 

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T430  Technological sciences  Food and drink technology 
edible oils, cholesterol, viscosity, dielectric properties, spectroscopy
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Researchers (5)
no. Code Name and surname Research area Role Period No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  07028  PhD Helena Abramovič  Plant production  Researcher  1999  257 
2.  00177  PhD Florijan Klofutar  Chemistry  Head  1999  429 
3.  17798  Jana Martinuč    Researcher  1997 - 1999 
4.  09633  PhD Darja Rudan-Tasič  Chemistry  Researcher  1998 - 1999  135 
5.  09837  MSc Marlena Skvarča  Animal production  Researcher  1997 - 1999  510 
In the report the dynamic viscosities for a number of vegetable oils (unrefined sunflower oil, refined sunflower oil, olive oil, refined corn oil, unrefined pumpkin oil, a mixture of refined vegetable oil and unrefined pumpkin oil) are presented. The dynamic viscosity was determined at temperatures from 298.15 K to 328.15 K. Some empirical relations that describe the temperature dependence of dynamic viscosity were fitted to the experimental data and the correlation constants for the best fit are presented. It was found that the dynamic viscosity of the invstigated samples almost linearly desreases as the iodine value increases. In continuation of the report, the self-association of cholesterol in dilute benzene and toluene solutions was investigated by conventional infrared spectroscopy. The sample spectra, recorded in the fundamental OH stretching range, were resolved into bands of functionally different OH groups of associated cholesterol and its predominat species identified by analysis of their absorbances. The formation constants of oligomers were derived from monomer absorbances measured as a function of cholesterol concentration. In addition to the monomers, open and cyclic dimers in benzene and open dimers and tetramers in toluene were established as the prevailing species.
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